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[Manga Talk] Darkness Doll by FUYUKI Rurika (冬木琉璃香)

Darkness Doll
魔界公主/ ダークネス・ドール
FUYUKI Rurika (冬木琉璃香)
Complete: 3 volumes
Hikari was a high school student with a superpower that only her uncle, Yu-chan knew about. When Hikari met Alusio, a mysterious high school freshman who was sent by Lucifer, things were about to change. The mysteries about Yu-chan and her birth was about to be disclosed, as she found out she was a princess who inherited the blood of Lucifer…
(Scans available below for manga promotion and illustration purposes only. May contain spoilers.)
My say:
I was about to come in to write something on YANAHARA Nozomi’s super-lovely “ISSEI & CHISA-HIME” series. But instead, I found myself lying comfortably under the sun, reading  FUYUKI Rurika’s Darkness Doll… and then, as the saying goes,  “once it’s popped, it can’t stop”…. : )
I have not touched any of FUYUKI Rurika’s recent release these days, simply because I am just too old to fall for any more silormoon-style supernatural fantasies.
But this is different : )
The artwork of Darkness Doll was old-school, in a typical 90’s shoujos kind of way. Even the storyline was incredibly cheesy and full of contradictions.  Just as an example, Lucifer always claimed that human emotions were useless; he was even going to erase Hikari’s memories of living as a human…. AND YET he kept on repeating saying that he was deeply in love with Reidy (who was actually one of his many mistresses) and bla……
Well, if I were reading any latest-released shoujo with this kind of bulls, I’d probably scream out “COME ON, NOW!!!!” so loud that my next door neighbour would just hate me instantly. (I’d probably beat myself up first for buying that manga in the first place…. )
BUT, ah-ha!
Darkness Doll was published in the early 90’s, i.e. de golden era for the magical bishōjos and the kingdom of supernatural/ fantasy-genre! Let’s put it this way, it was in that period when I could forgive and “understand” my then-boyfriend for fantasising on Sailor Moon and her ten other sailor mates….. and not to mention those were the days, when my senses could simply overlook the fact that there was the man wearing a cape and a tuxedo, with an eye mask, flying around in a metropolitan city (by the way, in only the manga world that is 😉 ……and yet still found him romantically attractive….
Then, I might as well fall into any romantic fantasies, full of magic and supernatural adventures……
So you see, as I was reading along Darkness Doll yesterday, my mind and senses just automatically flew back to the early 90’s, to where my handsome cape man was standing, holding onto a rose between his teeth (no!! I refuse to think about whether his lips were about to bleed or not….)……
Then then I was, being relax and slowly I started enjoy reading Darkness Doll once more, just as I did in those days : )
FUYUKI’s success came after the popularity of “Aries” (アリーズ~神話の星座宮~), or “Zodiac Legend”, which has been widely recognised by some as one of the cult-classic shojos. (NB. Its animation OVA, alongside a series of music CDs of the same title, was also released in the same time.)
To me, reading Darkness Doll was like reading a condensed version of Aries. Afterall, the characters even shared the same hair styles in both manga!  Except Darkness Doll was no longer about Greek Mythology with zillions of gods and goddesses; it was concentrating purely on few characters – Lucifer; his lover (Reidy) whose body bared double sexuality; his daughter (Hikari); his servant (Alusio) who fell in love with his daughter and later betrayed him for her, and then his enemy (Yu-chan) who has a “secret identify” and a mysterious past….
The storyline was easy to follow, as it was simple and short, so to speak. What’s more, because I love the seiyous (voice actors) in Aries so much, it was easy to imagine the same cast acting again in Darkness Doll 🙂
I also like the extra story at the end of the series; it started with Lucifer’s encounter with Reika and then with Hikari’s mother. The extra story did help to fill in some gaps in the main story (e.g. why he would have a daughter with a human, as he despised all human beings, and whilst he was still in love with Reika, etc.)
All in all, if you have not read Darkness Doll (or any of Fukuyi’s earlier work), please do if you get the chance to.
At least read it as a fix for your 90’s-shoujo-nostalgia : )
Images of Darkness Doll below were scanned by me (xkazemg) for the purpose of promoting this manga and illustration only. Please do not steal links from here. Thank you.

1. Alusio & Hikari – first encounter

2. Alusio tried to kill Hikari
3. Alusio Vs Yu
4. Lucifer loves Rieda
5. Alusio Rieda parting ways

6. In war with Lucifer

7. Alusio – Rieda
8. Lucifer & young Rieda


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