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Manga title begins: J-K-L, [MANGA TALK]


KA.RE.SHI (In Love with a Bad Boy)
OGOSHI Natsue (小越なつえ/小越夏江)
Complete: 8 volumes

Description: Mei Shirakura is a dim-witted, super-genius high school freshman. Ever since she was saved from becoming a delinquent, she believes that Naoki Daito, an upperclassman at the same school and himself a famous delinquent “Yankee”, is somehow the man destin.  (Baka Updates)

My say: I have been under a nostalgic mood lately… and I was kinda desperate to read something light-hearted, happy or even silly to cheer me up;  KA.RE.SHI. became my natural choice…..

If anyone’s familiar with the Hong Kong movies, they’d probably know the term “mo lei tau“; Ka.re.shi reminded me exactly of that, a silly-talk comedy in short, which is a typical OGOSHI’s style of humour (back in those days).

Well, silly-talk it was, but man! I did enjoy it wholeheartedly!  After all, I did say I was after something lighthearted and silly, didn’t I? : )

It all started with a girl met boy, girl fancied boy, then found out he’s actually got a gf whom later dumped him for girl’s brother instead…… Then the rest of the story was straight forward as the pair faced many obstacles (surprise surprise!), including those cast by girl’s possessive father and their “good friends” even! Their only alliance was no other but that brother-ex.gf pair who was forever-horny and could have sex at wherever could be!!

Mei was exactly what’s said in the description – dim witted, which if translated in the modern text would be, dense, stupid, dumb and unbelievably naive!  Just imagine, her boyfriend, the super-cool Naoki, was in pain trying to control “his animal” from dragging her to bed for you-know-what…. but there, all she worried about was him hurting her doing wrestling in bed (yes, wrestling LITERALLY)!!

Mei was just incredibly clueless… but ah, you see, that was the fun part, especially if you could picture Naoki’s pain and frustrations as he was so desperate for her 😉  Ka.re.shi gave me lots of chuckling moments as Mei and Naoki were eager to make their “first time” ultra-special. Unsurprisingly, that special moment didn’t turn out to be easy, which was what the comedy was mostly based on.

Yes, the storyline was simple, plain and even silly. To some, it may even be rated as a “bad manga”. Let’s put it this way, there were so many times when I could not stand Mei’s stupidity EVEN if I have lowered my shoujo-tolerance level….

But hey, said who a bad manga can’t be fun?

So going back to my first point: Ka.re.shi was THE one as I was after something light-hearted and fun  : )

Digress, I think Ka.re.shi was the first (and perhaps the only????) shoujo I have ever read which even made jokes about condoms!  Well done OGOSHI! haa!  : )

I have not picked up any of OGOSHI’s manga since her “Rakuen Paradise”, which was one of her earlier attempts to enter into the josei’s genre. I am guessing, there would be less of those silly-talk humour as OHOSHI has now moved on to the josei genre. In that respect, I suppose Ka.re.shi’s cheerful silliness is becoming more precious and rare these days…..



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