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[Manga Talk] Ringo no Kisoukikyo by NISHI Naomi (西 尚美)

Ringo no Kisoukikyo
NISHI Naomi (西 尚美)

Complete: One shot
Sasha was an “apple-phobic” (yes, fear of apples literally). But it was those expensive apples that brought her and Jim together in this story. As a child, Sasha was bullied by a boy who threatened her with far too many apples! When her friends found out Jim was the boy, they were determined to cure Sasha’s ridiculous apple-phobia by setting the her up with Jim! Of course things did not turn out as easy as planned, especially after Sasha found out Jim was THAT boy whom she could not forget (and forgive!).  Jim told Sasha he was willing to do anything for her forgiveness, even if it meant death. With a few sips of brandy and an apparent suicide, not to mention some help from their friends, Sasha had finally come to realise her true feelings for Jim….. As for her apple-phobia? Well, let’s just say she did manage to kiss Jim in the end, even after he took one large bite of a big apple!  ^_^
My Say:
Well yes, the story was exaggerating, but forgivable for a 70’s style rom-com.
Overall, not much to say; Ringo no Kisoukikyo was a short and cute story… and I love it : )
Images below were scanned by me, xkazemg, for the purpose of illustration and promoting this manga only. Please do not steal links from here. Thank-you.

1. Cover of Oneesama iza shoubu!  (おねえさまいざ勝負!)

2. Jim & Sasha’s first encounter; Sasha’s apple-phobic attack!

3. Sasha was bullied as a child; Jim found out he was THE ONE….

4.  Sasha’s friend set her up with Jim, with a “white lie” : )

5. Jim trying to get Sasha’s sympathy, with an apparent heart attack : )

6. Jim trying to cure Sasha’s apple-phobia with apple juice, etc…
ringo 6

7. Jim explained to Sasha he never intended to bully her as a kid…..
ringo 7

8. Jim “killed” himself in ‘xchange for Sasha’s forgiveness; Sasha was to do the same for him…..
ringo 9

10. Sasha felt by Jim’s side after too much brandy (or what she thought was poison! ^^)
ringo 10

11. Sasha found out she was tricked….
ringo 11

Jim: “What would be the point of being dead? I could no longer enjoy apples and romance if I were dead.”
Sasha: “… that’s an apple you are eating – my pet hate out of all things….”
Jim: “It looks like you are no longer allergic to apples… but are you still allergic to men? Let’s find out? 😉
Sasha: The forbidden fruit of Eden, that has turned to become our fruit of  romance….

====   THE END   ====


I pick up Ringo no Kisoukikyo as I was reading through the Haruka Tooki Kuni no Monogatari collection(by MIDORI Yukako) which I bought as second hand not long ago.
You may wonder what it’s got to do with NISHI Naomi’s Ringo no Kisoukikyo – well, there is none.
But as I was flipping through the Volume X of Haruka and then suddenly, Whola! Ringo no Kisoukikyo appeared right in front of my eyes, in the very manga book of Haruka by MIDORI Yukako!
Not that  I mind, since it was like a “manga bargain” where I get a “2 mangakas for the price of 1″…..  except, you see, I probably wouldn’t even realise it was a “2 mangakas for the price of one”, have I not paid any attention on the differences in the artwork, or if I haven’t been bothered to kick my own bottom and did “a bit” of research on Ringo no Kisoukikyo (I haven’t even come across the name of “NISHI Naomi” before!) …. I mean, anyone could have assumed it was probably just an earlier work of Midori Yukako despite of the differences in the art styles – it was, after all, a manga book published by her name right?!
Well, wrong to assume so if you were to buy a chinese translated manga that was published back in the 1980’s!  You see, back in those days, there was hardly such thing as an “official manga licensing”. So any manga printed in those days would be something equivalent to a  publication of any scanlated manga you find online these days….  (and let’s just park those legal/ ethical debates aside for now, shall we? : )
So going back to this manga –  what happened apparently, was that the print house just decided to shove in anything they could find to fill in the pages to print!  Well, let’s put it this way, at least they had the decency for not leaving half of the manga book blank, which would have been the case otherwise!
And to be honest, I really really don’t mind, given that I have now managed to add another short and sweet “classic shoujo” in my collection. ;D


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