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My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples….

Be it the romance, the sparkles, or perhaps it was the sweetness and those heartwarming moments between these manga couples, or even comedic on the contrary – Their stories were what lured me in to falling in love with the following manga series….

NB. The list keeps on growing… pls do stay tuned for more ^^

Highteen Boogie (ハイティーン・ブギ) – Momoko x Sho


Story: Momoko is one of the brightest students at school, but the school is a bit overrun by delinquents from a motorcycle gang. In fact, the person who has the next desk has never come to class. Then one day she gets the upper hand on one of these bikers and they actually strike up a bit of a friendship, with the potential for more.… More on Highteen Boogie here.
Koppamijin No Koi (aka “Love Popcorns”), こっぱみじんの恋 – Kunie x 江神原

Story: A sweet romantic comedy about four people being tangled up in love: 江神原 developed a love interest inクニエ (Kunie) who, for a long time, fancied her best friend, 樹 (Itsuki), whom was absolutely devoted to シマちゃん (Shima-chan), a very sweet girl with a HUGE crush on 江神原 (Kamihara?)….

The guys did get what they wanted at the end, but not without any heart-breaks and some “torturing” experiences along the way of course. This series makes a very enjoyable read which offers some comedic scenes and hilarious dialogues here and there. The bitter-sweet relationship between Kunie and 江神原 was the best part of this manga. It was very sweet seeing 江神原, the ultra Mr Cool, teasing Kunie just to get her attention anyhow. Koppamijin No Koi was illustrated by Rika Yonezawa, completed in 12 volumes, and it is highly recommended : )

Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai (Akiyoshi Family Series), 世界でいちばん大嫌い (秋吉家シリーズ) – Kazuha x Sugimoto

Story: Kazuha Akiyoshi is the eldest of six children. Highly responsible and irresistibly cute, she is also something of a tomboy who never allows her softer side to show through –– until she meets Mizushima, the first guy to treat her like a girl. Kazuha has her first real crush; will it be reciprocated? Then there’s Sugimoto, an older guy who wants to be an important part of her life — but he’s the one who Kazuha hates more than anyone!
Kimi no Inai Rakuen, 君のいない楽園 – Tomoe x Yahami


Kazuya, her father’s apprentice and 17 years her senior, has been an important figure in Tomoe’s life, just as she has been in his. She always thought that they would be together forever, and was determined to marry him when she grew up.imagesTomoe also thought of Yahami, an irritating classmate from school, as her most hated enemy. But as time went by, she started to realise her growing feelings for Yahami, who has actually been in love with her a long time ago….screen480x480screen480x480
Aoi no Maharaja, 蒼のマハラジャ – Moira x Silva


Story: Moira came to India with her parents when it was still under British rule. At the Royal Palace in Jodhpur, she met Prince Silva…. A great romantic story about husband and wife, besides of “just” being the Maharajah and Maharani (or the king and queen so to speak) of Jodhpur, an exotic kingdom full of dazzling beauty and a rich history and culture….. More on “Aoi no Maharaja” here.
Waltz in a white dress (and sequels), 円舞曲は白いドレスで


005Personally speaking, this series (incl. the sequels) was by far, the most romantic and remarkable work by Saito Chiho; it was simply irreplaceable by any (of her) other series. Despite of a tearful ending, it was such a blessing (and relief) to see Masaomi could finally be together with Koto, whom he had fallen in love with since they were young.

Massaomi deserved Koto (though I am not quite sure about the vice versa). It would have been a blessing for him (or so I wish) to witness the birth of his very own child, just as his life had finally come to the end whilst in Kotos’ embrace…… (sob~)

Yokohama Monogatari , ヨコハマ物語 – Mariku x Ryusuke

More on “Yokohama Monogatari” here.

I suppose, the main theme of this manga was about the friendship between Uno and Mariko. But I could hardly take my eyes away from the parts where both Mariko and Ryusuke were present. They certainly looked good together (handsome and beautiful), but it was their strong characters that really spiced up the story.

The romance between Uno and Shintaro was touching, especially coupled by Uno’s strong will and determination to follow her dream (i.e. meeting Shintaro). In comparison, Mariko might have appeared as a weaker woman who, as Ryusuke said, was like the flying gulls over Yokohama harbour that could never settle anywhere else but Yokohama. Whatever weakness Mariko might have, it was exactly that made her adorable in the story.

CUVNNxAVAAAeqN6When Mariko married Ryusuke, she despised him, for he was only a husband, or a “stranger” whom she was married to only for the sake of securing her family. But when she finally realised she has fallen in love with Ryusuke, it was emotional for her; she was happy but sad and ashamed at the sametime. She thought Ryusuke did not love her as much as she did, or he might be still in love with another woman from miles away. Mariko was also ashamed to fell in love with another man other than Shintaro; it would be a betrayal to Shintaro and her first love…. Overall, I enjoyed reading the romance between Mariko and Ryusuke, more so than that of Uno and Shintaro.

Shiro no Faruuka (White Faruuka), 白のファルーカ – Juri x Kei


Juri and Kei made a remarkable couple together in this series. But the two characters shined only when they were together – Kei was an arrogant brat before he met Juri. Juri, on the other hand, too naive and very stubborn at times. But after they lost their first national tournament, Juri and Kei petted and comforted each other; they needed only each other (or Kei to Juri in particular) more than any comforting words from their coaches and others…… More on “Shiro no Faruuka” here.

Kirinkan Graffiti, 麒麟館グラフィティ – Tae x Usami


005I asked myself: Just exactly how a wicked deceiving man, such as Usami, ended up being one of my favourite shoujo characters (hence, here). Well, I suppose it’s the same as with some other shoujo – you fall in love with someone whom you would have loved to hate (hmm…. ) Anyway, it was exactly what happened between Tae and Usami; Tae just could not resist him, no matter what he has done to her friends or how much he could hurt her….. More on “Kirinkan Graffiti” here.

Shocking Pink-Sky, ショッキングPINK-SKY – Aoi x James

I have to look away from the dazzling pink of the covers… it was simply too pink and dizzying! But then, there was also a lot of “pink romances” in the series that I found really lovely and sweet. (*pink but not in a smut way; there was no smut in this manga….) The series definitely has its crazy moments, in the usual AKISATO Wakuni’s way. But it was those lovely sweet moments between Aoi and James that I remembered most about this manga, for instance, when they snuggled and cuddled whilst at duty; when James proposed to Aoi in bath; when James was jealous of other guys playing snowball-fight with Aoi, etc….. very cute couple : )
Shi to Kanojo to Boku (Death, Her and I) 死と彼女とぼ – Yukari x Yuusaku



Sorry to disappoint, but the truth is, this series is much more innocent than what it may have appeared to be. So, sorry mate, no smut : )

The original series was published more than 10 years ago (I think) and the artwork was a lot different back then (see cover on the left).

The series was made up by different stories about the pair’s (Yukari and Yuusaku) ability to see/ hear ghosts, their interaction with these ghosts and how they have helped them, etc…. But to be honest, I do not remember most of the stories. The only thing I could recall and still found remarkable, was Yuusaku’s passion for Yukari. After all, Yuusaku has been missing her in the last 10 years…. and in those years, he has tried any possible way to shed away his ghost-hearing ability. I felt sorry for him. Likewise, I felt sorry for Yukari too, whom was so terrified by her new ghost-seeing ability when she was 10. But more than that, she was wearied of concealing her unexplainable ability to her parents that she gave up at the end. It was lucky that her parents turned out to be very understanding (or so what I thought).

imagesSo when Yuusaku finally met Yukari, and as he was determined to stay by her side and protect her, I felt relieved for both of them. They have found each other and would be able to support each other from now on. Yussaku never concealed how much he longed for Yukari and he displayed that by initiating lots of kissing, etc…. though most times it would tend to end up in comedically (e.g. his talking cat would accidentally bump in at the exact moment, or some ghosts desperately trying to get their attentions, etc).

In its CD drama, Yuusaku was casted by Takehito Koyasu, whom I personally think has the sexiest voice on earth! I read the manga and listened to the CD drama more or less at the same time.. I just could not really say whether I have liked the manga purely because of Takehito Koyasu’s Yuusaku? or may be I liked Yuusaku (and Yukari) from the manga so much that I also fancy listening to Takehito’s Yuusaku….. or vice versa…..? Hmmm….

Tajjii Majjii タッジー・マッジー – Charlotte x Sylvie

It was the same Sylvie from the “Viehmannin wa Utau” series! This time, he came to find the princess fairy who has lost her fairy body in the human world…. Charlotte just moved into the new town, with a couple secrets about herself being hidden for as long as she could remember. One of them was her being a witch… and she disliked being associated with witchery in anyway. When she found out her new accommodation was a run-down house that used to be owned by a popular witch in town many years ago, Charlotte was about to make a move again! But as she crossed path with Sylvie and the beautiful (but very naughty) fairy princess, circumstances changed…. Tajjii Majjii is a heart-warming story that tells a sweet romance between Charlotte and Sylvie. Best to read it with your feet put up and with a warm cup of tea/ coffee/ chocolate…. : )

Pharaoh no Haka, ファラオの墓 – Nilekia x Sneferu

Egyptian version of Romeo and Juliet – Sneferu was the pharaoh of Urjna and Nilekia the princess of Esteria, which was destroyed by Sneferu. Although their romance was not the core part of this manga, it was so tragic and remarkable that I have nearly overlooked the rest of the series! One thing I noted about Sneferu’s display of love on Nilekia – it must have surely been painful (emotionally and physically) for the poor girl. There was one scene where Nilekia and Sneferu were kissing each other and he made a few advances. Bearing in mind that Nilekia did not recognise him as the pharaoh back then, she tried to slow down his advances (though not stopping him). But instead, he punched her hard on the stomach (Oouch!!). She then fainted and there he had her…… Comes another scene when Nilekia was about to be sentenced to death: Not wanting to betray her brother, nor her love for Sneferu, Nilekia chose to remain silent when she was ordered to speak. At the end, just as she was being taken away from the court, Sneferu jumped up from his seat, ran to her and stabbed her with his own sword; he would rather have her dead in his own hands. Sneferu was in rage as she had betrayed his love and left him forever on his own, alone. But soon, he was heart-broken, for the woman he had loved wholeheartedly had died in his own hands……. As with other Takemiya’s series, this manga is guaranteed to be tear-jerking and heart-aching….. (sob)

======== Below some of my favourite “cliche” shoujo couples – these couples are loved by so many like us, not to mention their stories already being hugely popular across the globe… Need I say more? ^^ (Story descriptions mostly from Baka-Updates)

Eroica Yori Ai wo Komete (From Eroica With Love), エロイカより愛をこめて– Dorian x Klaus

What happens when a gay art thief and a conservative NATO officer cross paths? Disaster, of course. Dorian is an aristocrat, a thief and a hedonist; Klaus is a duty-driven espionage agent with no patience for fools. Follow them as they chase each other across the globe — from Britain to Baghdad, from Alaska to Alexandria, from Moscow to Madrid. Spectacular locations and non-stop adventures await! (From Baka-updates)
PS. I love you guys so much!!!!! So gay, so funny! XD
Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, 彼氏彼女の事情 – Yukino x Arima


Yukino Miyazawa is the perfect model student. Pretty, kind, good at sports, always at the top of her class. But she’s not all that she seems. It’s all an act of deception; she is really the self-confessed ‘queen of vanity,’ and her only goal in life is winning the praise and admiration of everyone around her. When she enters high school, she finally meets her match: Soichiro Arima, a handsome, athletic, popular, and very intelligent young boy. Ever since he stole the top seat in the class from her, Yukino has hated him, and has been plotting on how to take back her former place as the object of all other students’ admiration. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was that Soichiro, the very boy she hated, would confess his love for her. Or that he would find out about her deception – and use it to blackmail her! Together, they discover that they have more in common than they knew, and they slowly begin to bring out each other’s inner selves. (From Baka-updates)
Jikan wo Tomete Matteite, 時間をとめて待っていて – Miriam x Douglas


An interesting pair with witty and funny dialogues : )

imagesThe super child, Miriam, has grown up and is perhaps falling in love. But Douglas, used to be the leader of the teenage ruffians and 9 years older than Miriam , only sees her as a child. So! Douglas, stop the time and wait for me…… Finally Miriam and Douglas are a couple… sort of. With Douglas’ unromantic, awkward ways and his determination not to fall head-over-heels in love with her, Miriam sees no romance in their future. But enter an assassin rent on killing Douglas for the damage he caused the criminal Cartel in “Jikan wo Tomete”, maybe things will turn out a little more romantic…in a way. (From Baka-updates)

Kanata Kara (From Far away), 彼方から – Noriko x Izark

Walking home from school one day, Noriko is innocently caught up in a terrorist bombing. Rather than being blown to bits, she finds herself transported to another world; a world in which darkness seems on the rise, as its powers desperately search for a being known as the Awakening whom it is said will awaken the Sky Demon. She finds this new world to be dangerous and overwhelming, and Noriko has little choicebut to throw her lot in with the mysteriously powerful man she encounters upon her arrival. The enigma of this world and her role in it will gradually unfold, but first things first: Noriko must learn their language! (From Baka-updates)
Ouke no Monshou, 王家の紋章 – Carol x Memphis

Did not intend to put this in here originally… The forever-same “Memophis, save me~~~~” or the constant time-traveling lines, which ran over 30 years and 55 volumes (and still ongoing!), could no longer turn me on. But, I admit I was still charmed by its first 10 or 20 installments… So, Carol and Memphis, here you are!

Carol’s family discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb that had been untouched for three thousand years. The discovery of the tomb comes with a thousand-year curse. Because of that curse, Carol’s happy family is shattered and she is brought back in time to 3000 years ago. There, Carol meets Memphis, the handsome but cruel pharaoh. Because of her vast knowledge in Egyptian history, she is able to help Egypt through many difficulties and she becomes intertwined with the history of that time, shaping the way conflicts are played out and hailed by the Egyptian people as the Nile Goddess….

Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (Anatolia Story), 天は赤い河のほとり– Yuri x Kail


It was their romance that I liked about this manga, so much so that I was willing to ignore any physics and logic behind the story. The most interesting part that I found, was Kali’s growing love (and obsession) for Yuri over the years – How much did Yuri really mean to him? and as the new ruler of Hittire, would he sacrifice his love for Yuri in exchange for the peace and safety of his kingdom? ….

A good combination of love and romance, along side a small degree of smuts with plenty of good looking guys – a handsome king, good looking princes of Hittire, as well as the great admiral of Egypt! This last time-traveling manga series that I have ever paid attention to……

Red River is about a fifteen-year old Japanese girl named Yuri Suzuki, who is magically transported to Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite Empire in Anatolia. She was summoned by Queen Nakia who means to use Yuri as a human sacrifice. Yuri’s blood is the key element needed in placing a curse upon the princes of the land so that they will perish, leaving Nakia’s son as the sole heir to the throne. As the story progress, however, Yuri not only repeatedly manages to escape Nakia’s scheming, she also becomes revered as an incarnation of the goddess Ishtar and falls in love with prince Kail.The story takes place during the reign of King Suppiluliuma I, at a time when the Hittite Empire was near its peak of power, rivaled only by Egypt, which was then ruled by the young Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Many of the people and events in the story are drawn from actual history, from Princes Kail Mursili, Sari Arnuwanda, and Zannanza, to battles with the neighboring Mitanni kingdom around the town of Kizzuwatna.

And the winner is……..

Versailles no Bara, ベルサイユのばら – Oscar x AndreI could not NOT include them here; it would have been a crime!It’s Oscar x Andre! The most classic pair, and above all shoujo-couples, of all times!! Probably one of the best illustrations of “I love you, and I would die/ do anything for you” lines in shoujo manga history!!!A classic manga about Oscar François de Jarjeyes, a girl who was raised as a boy by her family and who ends up being part of the guard of the French Royal Family right before the French Revolution. Oscar has a deep friendship with Marie Antoinette, although they both eventually fall in love with the same man.


And finally (but not the least)….

Nodame Cantabile, のだめカンタービレ – Nodame-chan x Chiaki

I know~~ not exactly an old-school, but it is too hard to ignore this manga couple!! ^^

== to be continued, may be.



6 thoughts on “My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples….

  1. My you have such lovely tastes! I only read a few of those manga, but I would agree that those are great stories. I find myself drawn more to classic manga now that I’m in my twenties. There’s just this aesthetic feeling missing when I read modern manga.

    Posted by Jae | November 17, 2011, 5:34 am
    • Wow! it’s comments like this that’s made my efforts (and heart) to this site worthwhile – thank you Jae san! ^^

      It is definitely encouraging to hear that classic/ vintage manga has managed to appeal to a wider and younger generations… 🙂

      Posted by xkazemg | November 18, 2011, 6:50 pm
  2. I find your site extremely helpful in finding new classic works for me to read. In fact I went ahead to read all of your manga summaries. I appreciate all the work you do on this site, so keep those manga reviews/manga talk coming! XD

    Posted by Jae | November 19, 2011, 7:10 am
    • Jae san, thank you thank you thank you for your encouraging words!! ^^
      Feel free to leave a comment here (or wherever) if you have spotted any series/ mangakas here and are interested in further details – will see what I can do : )

      Posted by xkazemg | November 20, 2011, 2:39 pm
  3. “And the winner is…” Yes, of course!! LOL

    Posted by mattari | January 12, 2012, 1:22 am


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