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[Manga Talk] Shiro no Faruuka by MAKIMURA Satoru (槇村さとる)

Shiro no Faruuka (White Faruuka)

白のファルーカ (白色之舞)

By MAKIMURA Satoru (槇村さとる /槇村怜)

(**Description to be added here later**)

My say:

I have always found it hard to name one thing that I do not like about MAKIMURA Satoru’s manga. Her sports series, in particular, has always been full of passion, energy and love; it was like a burning fire at times.

I dare not say “Shiro no Faruuka” is the best ice-skating manga or what-so-ever, for I have yet to read “Ai no Aranfuesu”, which was Makimura’s earlier ice-skating series, as well as Chiho Saito’s “Ice Forest”, not to mention dozens of other ice-skating shoujo that I have yet to come across with….

What I found most remarkable about this manga, were the two main characters – Juri and Kei. They made a remarkable couple as their characters complimented each other. But justlike they were in figure skating, i.e. “when the two become one and skated as one”, the two characters shined only when they were together. Of course, Juri and Kei were both “real” human beings  and would have frauds, for instance, Kei was an arrogantbrat before he met Juri and a coward after he learned of his dad’s bribery over his successin his  skating career. Juri, on the other hand, too naive and very stubborn at times….

But after they lost their first national tournament, Juri and Kei petted and comforted each other; they needed only each other (or Kei to Juri in particular) more than any comforting words from their coaches and others….

When Kei’s skating career nearly came to the end, Juri wanted to comforthim so badly but instead, she had to turn away and be trained with his competitor instead- she warned Kei to catch up or risk losing her. She knew there was no pointof giving out comforting words  only; she had to encourage him in a hush but realistic way. Still, she cried her heart out after give Kei those hush words, being afraid that she might lose himforever.

There were many other good things about Shiro no Faruuka, besides just Juri and Kei. For instance, I have not covered here the third character, who would bring in many twists into the story… and I have not even mentioned about those beautiful costumes, and choreographic – to some, these may not be as exquisite as those in SWAN, but as I said, it’s like (watching) a burning fire, in particular the farruca*……. Splendid .

(* It is a Spanish dance stylistically similar to the flamenco)




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