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Period & Movements\ Related Titles – 1


Aton no Musume (アトンの娘)

By Satonaka Machiko (里中満智子)The tragedy of young King Tutankhamon and Queen Ankhesenamen in Ancient Egypt, locked in a power struggle over politics and religion.

Pharaoh no Haka (ファラオの墓)

(From Baka-Updates) Egypt, a four thousand year old civilization, has now collapse and entered into a war-torn era.

There will be a period of power and angry waves. The small country, Esteria, was invaded and destroyed by their neighbouring country, Urjna, and its pharaoh, Sneferu. Prince Sariokis vows to get revenge on Sneferu, and avenge Esteria.

Ouke no Monshou (王家の紋章)

(From Baka-Updates) Carol’s family discovered an ancient Egyptian tomb that had been untouched for three thousand years. The discovery of the tomb comes with a thousand-year curse. Because of that curse, Carol’s happy family is shattered and she is brought back in time to 3000 years ago. There, Carol meets Memphis, the handsome but cruel pharaoh. Because of her vast knowledge in Egyptian history, she is able to help Egypt through many difficulties and she becomes intertwined with the history of that time, shaping the way conflicts are played out and hailed by the Egyptian people as the Nile Goddess.

Nile no Hotori no Monogatari (ナイルのほとりの物語) 

(情定尼羅河). Time traveling series featuring pre-history figures and their famous stories, featuring also Ramesses II and his relationship with Moses.

Also include the Exodus story…..


CLEOPATRA (クレオパトラ) 

This is one of Satonaka Machiko (里中満智子) short stories collection on Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.

To this day, the legacy of Cleopatra still thrives, with her great beauty and her successive conquests of the wold’s most powerful men in history. When Cleopatra met Caesar, she was 21 years old and him 52; they soon became lovers and together they had a son. After Caesar’s assignation, Mark Anthony became the successor and ruler of Rome following his death, as well as Cleopatra’a next romantic interest….

Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (天は赤い河のほとり)

(From Baka-Updates) Yuri, a modern day teenager who had just received her first kiss, is suddenly whisked away to ancient Anatolia where an evil queen wants her for a blood sacrifice. Luckily, the timely intervention of Prince Kail saves Yuri from the queen’s grasp. For now. Kail promises to send Yuri back to her home, but the queen’s persistent schemes to kill them both, plus their growing interest in each other, keep those plans delayed.  In 2001 this series won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo.

Legend of Nereid (海妖精傳說)

(From Baka-Updates) General Temedes devoted his absolute loyalty to his country, which was put above everything else in his life. But as he found himself falling in love with Matia, the girl whom was rumored to become a great danger to his country, General Temedes was forced to make a choice – to kill or not to kill the girl he so dearly loved for the first time in his life, all but for the sake of his beloved country and people….

3 MIDDLE AGES – Crusades

Hana Junrei (花巡礼)

By KAWASOU Masumi. The series follows three generations of women during the Second and Third Crusades. It features historical figures like Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Louis VII.

Shirayuri no Kishi (白ゆりの騎士)

(From Baka-Updates) The story of Jeanne d’Arc, the maid of Orleans adding some original characters and events with violence and black magic. Jeanne d’Arc was a 17 year old peasant girl who was totally unschooled in the strategies of war. Devoutly religious, she had seen visions and heard heavenly voices that told her to go to the dauphin, lead his troops to victory, free France of her enemies and see him crowned king in the great cathedral at Rheims.She was opposed by officials and she was forced to travel across France through enemy territory but so great was her consecration that it enabled her to reach the dauphin, to win belief in her mission, and to ride in shining armor beneath the golden lilied banner as the leader of the armies of France. The author introduces two original characters in the story, Pierre, a young shepherd who loves Jeanne since they were children and William, an english spy who Jeanne falls in love with….



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