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Classical music in classic shoujos

Been reading a few classical music shoujos; thought i’d summarise them here. (Note: have excluded pop music/ entertainment genre, such as Kaikan Phase and Skip Beat… so, no hard feeling ^^)

Itsumo Pocket ni Chopin by KURAMOCHI Fusako

いつもポケットにショパン by くらもちふさこ 《肖邦常伴左右》

(From Baka-Updates) This is the story of Asako, a young girl with a cruel mother and not many friends but a grandmother who has been encouraging her to become a pianist. Asoko competes with one student in particular, a boy who happens to be quite gifted. After her grandmother’s death and the passage of a few years, Asoko and the boy (now a young man) run into each other again at a piano competition….

Oshaberi na Amadeusu  by TAKEUCHI Masami

(おしゃべりなアマデウス by 武内昌美) 《變奏天使》

From Baka-updates: Rio Midorikawa and Usoo Ogata took violin lessons together. The sound of Rio’s violin reflects her talent and has a deep effect on her audience.

Rio’s parents passed away when she was little; she was then taken care by Ogata’s mother, a musician friend of Rio’s mother. The little Rio and little Ogata sworn to play violin to each other as they would grow old together…. Many year on, Ogata returned from overseas with his girlfriend, Yuka. Rio entered the national violin competition and Yuka happened to be her pianist. But as Yuka discovered Ogata’s growing feeling for Rio, would she still be able to give Rio her support as the pianist?….

Kaze no Sonata (Wind Sonata) by HARA Chieko

風のソナタ by 原ちえこ 《風的奏鳴曲/ 玉女琴聲》

Alice was forced to move out of London when her family was bankrupt after the death of her parents. Alice  dreamt of becoming a pianist one day, but in reality, she was tied up looking after her grandmother, the little brother and her younger sister, Prissy whom was more concerned of boys and pretty dresses! Later Alice met Roland, a young painter; the two fell in love as they shared their passion in art and music together. But when Roland asked Alice to move to London to pursue their artistic careers, Alice refused as she was reluctant to leave her family behind. To everyone’s surprise, Prissy left and followed Roland to London. The whole family was shocked and shaken by Prissy’s action; eventually, Alice went to London to look for her sister. There then, she discover a transformed Prissy and started to understand her feelings; Prissy had actually been in love with Roland at the very early beginning…. Alice walked away bitterly. Later Alice was reunited with her previous music teacher, Miss Anne and the talented student, Gilbert. With their support, Alice was able to resume her music lessons and later pursue her dream as a pianist as she was about to make her debut at the Palace Theatre.  In the meanwhile however, Alice was confused by her feelings to Gilbert as they became closer….

Kanon by SAITOU Chiho

(花音―かのん―  by さいとうちほ) 《花音》

(From Baka-Updates) One day a 23-year-old Japanese musician travels to Mongolia in order to get inspirations for writing a piece of music. There he meets Kanon whose mother runs the “Hotel Kanon” in the desert. Kanon grew up in Mongolia, does not know who her father is. Before her mother’s death, she confessed that she came to Mongolia because she could no longer stay in Japan for her affair with Kanon’s father, a musician, who is actually still alive. The mother passed away before she could tell Kanon whom her real father is; the only way for Kanon to find him in Japan is by becoming a violin virtuoso… Kanon’s erring search for her father begins…

Nodame Cantabile by NINOMIYA Tomoko

(のだめカンタービレ by 二ノ宮知子 《交響情人夢》

  It’s Nodame-chan! Need I say anymore? ^^

Pianishimo de Sasayaite Daini Gakushou by ISHIZUKA Yumemi

(ピアニシモでささやいて 第二楽章 by 石塚夢見 《輕歌情夢》

Through music, they met each other; they knew they were soul mates to each other. But he was already engaged to the woman whom he sworn he would love for the rest of his life, and she a raising star in the music industry….. eventually they parted their ways and decided not to see each other again. But 14 years later, her life was about to be changed again as his daughter showed up in the doorstep…..

kisu (KISS) by MATSUMOTO Tomo

キス by マツモト トモ 《一吻定情》

(From Baka-Updates) Through piano lessons a love slowly grows between the cool adult, Goshima-sensei, and one of his students, a high school girl named Kae. The most popular stylish love romance.

DIVA by ONO Hiromu

ディーヴァ by 小野弥夢 《金嗓公主》

Lima(?) was born in the family of musicians; her mother a worldwide opera diva and her father a famous violinist. Lima’s dream of becoming a professional violinist, like her father before his death, was shattered after the car accident. But faith brought her to the world of opera…. and to eventually become a famous diva, and face up to her mother, whom has never shown her love towards her daughter….

La Boheme by ONO Hiromu

ラ・ボエーム~続DIVA 《波希米亞人~續.金嗓公主~》

Sequel of Diva.

Versus by YAMADA Keiko

[VS]バーサス (versus) by 山田圭子 《VS協奏曲》

(From Baka-Updates) Reiji, a violin prodigy with a troubled childhood. Reiji turns to music in order to escape his abusive family, and is enrolled in a prestigious music school. There, he meets his mentor Mitsuko whose own dreams of becoming a professional musician were lost due to a tragic injury. Mitsuko’’s fun-loving nature and enthusiasm for living comes up against Reiji’’s intense, single-minded passion for music. But together they find a common goal in Reiji’’s dreams of success. Intense rivalries unfold against the backdrop of the musical world, while Reiji’’s turmoil provides heightened emotional drama.

Opera no Kaijin  by  SANAZAKI Harumo

オペラ座の怪人 by 真崎春望 《歌劇魅影》

Based on the novel, Le Fantôme de l’Opéra (Phantom of the Opera) by GASTON LEROUX.



《金色琴弦》『金色のコルダ』kin-iro-no-koruda, La corda d’oro (golden cord)

《Pride – 邁向榮耀之路》『プライド』puraido (Pride) by Yukari Ichijo (一条ゆかり)


One thought on “Classical music in classic shoujos

  1. By any chance are these translated to English? I have been looking for a few of them but can not seem to find an English version, especially Diva, and pianoishimo de Sasayaite Daini Gakushou and where might I find them?

    Posted by Anonymous | August 22, 2012, 4:11 am

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