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[Manga Talk] About MIZUNO Hideko (水野英子)

Mizuno debuted in 1956 with Akakke Pony. Before than, she was an assistant to Tezuka. Mizuno is best known for Fire! (1969–1971), one of the first shoujo manga with a boy protagonist as well as the first sex scene in the shoujo manga history! Her other famous work included Honey Honey no Sutekina Bouken (ハニー・ハニーのすてきな冒険) and Shiroi Toroika (白いトロイカ).

Fire! (ファイヤー!)

Young Aaron is unjustly sent to a reformatory, where he meets Fire Wolf–older, a born rebel, and a talented singer. After Wolf dies in a motorcycle crash, Aaron becomes a rock musician, thus beginning a frenzied odyssey through late 1960s America. Tormented by visions of Wolf, Aaron explores drugs, mysticism, sex and love.


Shiroi Toroika (白いトロイカ) 

In the end of the 18th century, Count Lef Fyodor and his wife, Anna, great opera singer, were shot to death because Count Fyodor protested against the tzar. Their daughter Rosalinda grows up as farmer couple’ s daughter. Adrian, a cossack, teaches her how to read. Rosalinda gets to know the letters on the rear of her pendant top read “To Anna, from Lef Fyodor”.

When she is 12 years of age, she meets Rostov, a music teacher, at the landlord’s house. He is impressed by her talent of singing. The old landlord is killed in the accident, and the new one is very cruel. Rosalinda wants become a singer in Petersburg and escapes from the village. On her way to Petersburg, Rasalinda meets Count Leo Constantin in a tavern. He gives her money for traveling to Petersburg. She works in a tavern in Petersburg, where she meets Leo again. Leo takes her to his mansion and helps her become an elegant lady.

Leo has been engaged with Natalie since he was a child by his parents’ decision. When Rosalinda goes to an opera theater with Leo, they meet Natalie and she suggests Rosalinda sing in front of a professor of the Imperial music academy in Natalie’s house.

Rosalinda sings in front of the professor and she gets accepted by the academy. She meets Rostov in Petersburg again. He has known that she is Count Fyodor’s daughter since he saw the letters on her pendant top and he takes her to her grandmother’s house.

Meanwhile, the tzar is being threatened by a group whose leader is called “Black Hawk”, and he orders Leo to catch Black Hawk. But he actually disagrees with the tzar’s policy and seeks a chance to start a revolution.

Leo is in love with Rosalinda, and he breaks off the engagement with Natalie, who is still in love with him. Natalie makes a confession at the church that Leo is a revolutionist. The priest informs it of the tzar, and Leo gets caught. Rosalinda begs the tzar not to execute Leo. The tzar tells her that he won’t kill Leo if she catches Black Hawk. But Black Hawk is Adrian. Even though she’s in love with Leo, she can’t betray Adrian.

Ending: [spoiler] Both Leo and Natalie are killed by the tzar’s soldiers. Adrian and Rasalinda return their home village and get married… and live happily ever after! 


Hoshi no Tategoto (星のたてごと)

A tragic love story of a goddess falling in a forbidden love with a human man.





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