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Same blog, new layout!

Sure you have noticed it by now- my blog has a new layout. (Welcome to those who are new here by the way ^^)

New ‘tags’ added in the menu bar – some already up and running, whilst some are still under construction I am afraid.

ABOUT – It’s what’s said on the tin basically, i.e. about this blog ^^

MANGA TALK – all my manga reviews to be found here. Also the drop-down menu for my “feature posts”, such as “My favourite shoujo couples” or “Pirate shoujos“, etc. Meanwhile, please click on any “Categories” tabs for an index on [Manga Talk]. “Categories” are located on the right hand side of the page…

RETRO SHOUJO – This will be a new project for me on this blog : ) Basically I want to rag and blah a bit more about those “old-school/ vintage/ classic” shoujos here, without just dumping a pile load of images here…. Having said that, I am doing this for personal interest only, not for any “academic research purposes” or that kind. Some of the information I obtained from online only; some references taken from professional or accredited resources, such as the respectable Matt Thorn, whilst some not. I don’t claim to be a professional on this matter, so PLEASE, always refer to any “official” sources for further references. ^^

KAZE HIKARU 風光る –  Everything I have done on KH can be found in here. I LOVE YOU KH!

Gallery – still under construction at the moment. But the plan is to upload some images related to my [Managa Talks] here… Otherwise just a gallery (aka a dump) of manga images/ covers, etc….. TBC.

F.A.Q. – faq.

Also other new features on the page’s right hand column….. I will let you explore them at your own leisure : )

… and it goes without saying: contents will be updated on a frequent basis. So please do return and visit for any updates.

Aligato and have a nice day. ^^



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