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What does KH’s english title, “Shining Wind” mean?

The name,  “Shining Wind” was taken after KH’s literal translation, “the wind shines”.

However, the words Kaze Hikaru, or 風光る, actually embed a meaning of spring. Generally, it entails a warm breeze of spring that follows after a dark cold winter, comes and breathes gently upon the skin, as if like a shining radiance.

The term “Kaze Hikaru” was often referenced to a poem by Hajikata Toshizo:

風光る Kaze Kikaru

誠の旗に  Makoto no Nata ni

花ごろも Hana goro mo

The poem could also be translated with the meaning as:

 “The wind shines upon the flag of truth*, like a symphony of flower.

(*The signature character on the Flag of Shinsengumi was “Makoto (誠)“, entails the meaning of truth, honesty and loyalty.)

So overall, I would summarise the theme of KH as:

A warm breeze of spring, breathing upon the flag of Makoto, like the shining wind.

Walah!  : )

For KH synopsis: click here



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