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KH related products (other than paperbacks)….

Question asked:

Is there any other publication (i.e books/ magazines/ CDs, etc) associated to Kaze Hikaru besides the manga books?

Ans: YES!

Besides KH paperbacks (which, by the way, was published in both tankobun and bunkobun versions in Japan. KH was also officially license and published in both Chinese and English), other associate publications include:

KAZE HIKARU KYOTO – Okita Shouji’s walking guide on the stage of Shingengumi, 2001  (風光る京都―沖田総司と歩く新選組の舞台)


KAZE HIKARU ARTBOOK – Hana Gatari, 2008 (風光る画集 花がたり)


KAZE HIKARU DRAMA CD 1-3 (風光るドラマCD 3枚)



KAZE HIKARU [SOUNDTRACK] (風光る サウンドコレクション)


KH is serialized in the monthly shoujo comic Flowers (NB. KH began its serialization in Betsucomi in 1997 before being moved to Flowers). Few examples of KH being featured in the covers of Flowers:


Pls visit my KH gallery here for more!


Bonus “free gift” (furoku) from Flowers:

KH clear file – (June 2011 issue)

Saito bookmark – (Nov 2010 issue)


 Flowers – Special edition and gifts(to celebrate Watanabe sensei’s 30 years career)

Special Edition on Saito san (and bookmark)

Vintage ceramic mug – (May 2011 issue)

Fridge magnets – (July 2011 issue)


Other associated press release

It is no secret that Watanabe sensei is a good friend with the production team of Theatre Company Caramelbox (演劇集団キャラメルボックス). In fact, she was inspired to create the story of KH after watching the theatre play, Kaze wo Tsugu Mono (風を継ぐ者). Some of the original cast of the play even returned for the KH CD Drama afterwards! ^^

Promotions of Kaze wo Tsugu Mono was often associated with KH (and vice versa) thereafter. Above was another theatre play made as the sequel to Kaze wo Tsugu Mono (See KH being mentioned in the text? and of course a picture of Okita & Sei on the top left corner)

PS. I vaguely remember there was a promotional ad. on the play at the back of one of the KH tankobon. Without the books with me now, I can’t confirm which volume it was exactly; perhaps someone can enlighten here? ^^

Anyhow, the theatre company was greatly affected by the the mega earthquake in Japan early this year (2011). To support the production team, Watanebe sensei has set up a website  to call for others’ support. In return, the supporter will receive some freebies from sensei, e.g. a free KH bookmark and postcard with sensei’s signature. More information can be found at:  http://caramarubox.com/

*See also: Kaze Hikaru [Media] for KH music, CD dramas, videos, etc…. 



2 thoughts on “KH related products (other than paperbacks)….

  1. Oh, I didnt know about the “free gift” pic from Flowers. Thanks a lot your info.
    I just downloaded the pic 🙂

    Btw, what is wrong with your media link? I have OST and Cd dramas files, so if u have any prob with those link, I dont mind to upload them for you 😉

    Posted by Wild Card | August 2, 2011, 6:11 pm

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