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Am back after a few weeks away catching up with a few manga series besides KH KH and KH!  Ironically, I am actually about to come up with more updates on KH ch.162 and 163…. expect to publish a new post on that in short future.

Also planning to do a separate KH gallery, seeing there are so many KH fans visiting here….. (thank you for your visits! ^^)


Going back to those manga series which i have been reading in the last few weeks:

My favorite now goes to Niji no Densetsu (or Legend of Rainbow) by HARA Chieko, a true classic shoujo with a “historical” western settings and lovely artwork (which was fairly resemble to Igarashi’s Candy Candy except for the heroine’s long silky hair I suppose….). Very tempted to do a manga review on that later…..

Finally brought a copy of YOSHINO Sakumi’s Shounen wa Kouya wo Mezasu,…. not without costing me an arm and a leg! Was never a huge fan of Yoshino, though I must admit her stories are forever deeply compelling and mostly complex, hence complicating to read especially for a Japanese illiterate like me! Having said that, since it was being featured as one of the “most classic shoujo” in Japan (see my earlier posts), I finally surrendered to the temptation, decided to be brave and braced myself with her Shounen wa Kouya wo Mezasu, her earlier series about a teenage girl wanting to live the life of her deceased brother since childhood. I suppose in a shoujo way, the heroine was finally “converted” back and started to behave and think like a “normal” teenage girl. However,  the story in between was far from being romantic as per any classic shoujo manga. As seen in other Yoshino’s work, Shounen wa Kouya wo Mezasu dealt finely with (teenagers) psychology……

Next in my manga radar is NISHI Keiko’s Ane no Kekkon. (Google it and one will find this series already being reviewed by other blogger already.) Man! I am in love with the series! A must-read especially if you like the kind of Otoko no Isshou by the same author. Ane no Kekkon’s volume one was released recently and is currently being serialised monthly in Shogakukan’s Flowers…..


Have anyone read/ watch Gintama manga/ anime? I prefer the anime, mainly because I am a sucker for the ever fantastic voice actors & actresses.

I would have loved to pretend to be a literate person, being able to review the above manga using fine words. But really, for one, I am not that literate, and secondly, Gintama deserves better than that, really!…… for instance, it could probably be described as “the most cracking manga series on earth, that guarantees to wet your pants as you read and laugh in tears….”


2 thoughts on “What’s new?

  1. I love your blog. So many old shoujo titles and authors that I’ve never heard of before! 🙂

    Posted by Shii | August 29, 2011, 3:17 pm
  2. Thanks Shii. Look forward to your return to visit this site again ^^

    Posted by xkazemg | September 18, 2011, 5:45 pm

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