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KH summaries – ch162

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12 thoughts on “KH summaries – ch162

  1. OMG, What did Saito san say to Sei??? He confessed his love to her???
    Saito is just a strong man. He already knew Sei cant accept his love while she has only man in deep in her heart that is Okita but He still said it out!

    I dont know how many times I think what would been happened if the one who saved Sei was Saito san. She would love Saito, instead of Okita, would not she? It is destiny to let Sei meet Okita 1st. So Saito san, kiss her even it is just the 1st also the last you do it!

    Wish all the best to Saito san, Okita and Sei. I love you all!

    Posted by Wild Card | September 18, 2011, 3:58 pm
    • Welcome back Wild Card. Thanks for leaving msgs here ^^
      Frankly, I would doubt Sei would fall in love with Saito instead of Okita… not in a romantic way I mean.
      At least I doubt Watanabe sensei would ever let this happen in her story. Besides, imagine how all the global KH fans would react if that ever happens!!! ^^^

      Having said that, since KH kinda follows the actual history pretty closely, which means Okita is getting quite close to his death bed already (he died from tuberculosis in mid 1968) and Saito did survive in the end, according to history….. Wonder what would that leave us in KH?!?!?!? I can almost smell the ending of KH coming… and I am all geared up for a bitter sweet ending already!!
      Who knows, may be the ending may turn out to be like you said, Sei ends up with Saito at the end. It may be that in the end, Sei regained her strength after recovering from the great sadness (i.e. fall of Shinsengumi and Okita, etc)… she would eventually realise that life has to move on, and it would be far better to cherish her memories with Okita by living happily ever after, rather than avenging his death in great sorrow and die in sadness….. She may end up with Saito, who has been looking after her (or vice versa?) and eventually, she would fall in love with Saito (though in a different way as with Okita)……

      Anyway.. enough mumble from moi… now back to KH waiting!!! ^^

      Posted by xkazemg | September 18, 2011, 5:33 pm
  2. Hey hey hey,
    Thanks for your warm welcome. I was waiting for your updating, tehehhee.

    I can see that how much u like Sei end up with Saitou san ne! * wink *

    Well, I would love to see that ending but u know, from the 1st till now, Sei has only noticed Okita and of course loved him as well so it seems so hard to make her love Saitou san whatsoever! Besides, she just thinks Saitou San as her older brother right? One more thing, I read some infomations about Saitou San’s wife in real life. Her name is not Sei. Therefore, I dont think Sei will fall in love and then end up together.

    Like u, I can ‘smell’ that the end of KH is coming soon and like what Sempai has done with KH, I am afraid that she will follow history or in other words, it means that Okita will die. I was imaging that time severals times what will happen to Sei after Okita’s death. She will kill her self or keep living without him? I think suicide is the worst way so she wont do it. I am totally agree with u that keep moving and living happlier is good but why she has in love with someone else? Okita’ soul will be beside her side even he dies right?

    Ok! Now, forget about the ending of KH, just wait for what will happen the next chap ne! I expect a sweet kiss, hehheee * dreaming *

    Posted by Wild Card | September 18, 2011, 6:45 pm
  3. Ha! Good to see a dedicated KH fan leaving a great msg here ^^
    Welcome back again Wild Card!

    Now that I read you reply again, i realise I have actually mis-understood the meaning in your first reply…

    Anyway, I agree with you too; so much so I love Saito san in KH, I still can not see Sei ended up being with him by the end of KH. I have faith in Watanabe sense not to rush its ending! : )

    But as we all know time heals. Remembers Rose from the movie Titanic? She loved Jack wholeheartedly, hence she choose to live her life fully after his death… So, likewise, should anything really happen to Okita in the end, who knows? It may be that Sei would chose to continue with her life, living happily with or without her children/ grandchildren in the future afar… and may be, there would be times when she would stand in the wind, reflecting on how it felt like to be a blade of grass, being swayed and embraced by a warm breeze…

    Now, of course, back to KH… and OKITA! What are you going to do, after finding out Saito San’s kissed “your girl”~~~~~ : )

    Posted by xkazemg | September 18, 2011, 9:38 pm
  4. * Blushes *
    I love to leave message in your page u know. Discussing the manga u love with other fans is just great πŸ˜‰

    Waahh, sorry for my bad English. U mean ” the destiny ” I mentioned in the 1st reply? Well, do u remember Okita saved Sei when her house got burned and her dad was killed ( Vol 1 – chap 2 http://www.tenmanga.com/chapter/KazeHikaruVol01Ch002/196282-14.html ). I meant this one πŸ˜€

    Yup, I know that movie and I am agree with u that time can heal everything ( or almost ). However I remember another film which is Atsu hime. She is from Samurai family and got married with a lord who is samurai as well. She became widow when she was 23 year old. After her husband’s death, she staied single and helped her husband’s house run well. She said that she will do everything to save her husband house and she still loves him whatsoever. Back to KH, I think Sei may do the same as Atsu. Sei is as strong as Atsu, even more because Sei is “samurai”, not samurai’s wife. Therefore, she will continue living and maybe help Okita achive what he hadnot done. I know Okita wont agree with Sei if she does it, coz he wants her live a life as a girl not as samurai. Haizzzz … U meantioned about her child, so whats about she will help orphaned kids who lost parents in wars? Ahahaa, I think I go to far ne!

    Yeah, it is maybe that she stands in the wind and feel it like warm hands of Okita are around her. It is so peacful but hurt as well Ọ_Ọ …

    Now, time to come back our KH! I have 2 suppositions.

    1st, Okita will act like a kid and do some funny things like he uses to do ( grab her and run aways ).

    2sd, he will push Sei to Saitou’s side and wish Sei live with Saitou as wife role coz Okita knows how good Saitou is and Saitou can protect her! Have u ever read Hajime changa ichi ban ( one of Wantanabe Sempai manga ). Akira did nothing but wishing them happily deep from his heart when he found out that Hajime wants to get married with his bestfriend Mizuki.

    And I incline the 2sd supposition πŸ˜›

    Posted by Wild Card | September 19, 2011, 7:16 am
    • I was actually thinking of Atsu Hime too when I thought of Sei (great mind thinks alike!!! hahahaha)

      But one thing different, Atsu’s shogun husband left her with the large Bakufu household (empire?); she had to fight others in politics as well as family matters… She had to survive and save Bakufu and his people, since it would have been his dying wish. In the case of KH however, Okita’s last (and probably the only) wish for her, would probably be securing her safety and to protect her happiness (“shiwase”) after he is gone. Question is, if that is the case, would Sei keep her promise to Okita, i.e. to live happily for him after he’s gone? or as you mentioned, Sei would chose to keep her bushi spirit, hence following Okita after his death??? (I suppose by honouring someone’s dying wish, that could also be considered as a bushi spirit????)

      A year ago, I wrote a [Manga Talk] on KH, in which i (irresponsibly) predicted that KH might be concluded after/ around Ito’s fall….. Looking back, I am still going to stick by this “prediction”, i.e am gearing up for a somewhat bitter-sweet but open ending of KH, that would leave us all many rooms for imagination!

      Back to KH… well, (whispering sheepishly) I just googled KH and found other bloggers’ reviews on ch163 and 164 (they are in chinese and japanese in case you can read the languages). Anyway, without giving away the details, I can tell you that both of your lovely suggestion did not come to fruition, unfortunately… All I can say is, Okita reacted and dealt with the situation in a very Okita-but-not-idiotic way. ^^

      As for Okita giving up Sei to Saito? I thought he already “tried” that a few volumes back, especially when Saito discovered Sei’s true identity. But as we all know by now, his pathetic attempt would only lead to Saito’s annoyance and/or Sei’s anger even more ^^

      Digress. I love the JDrama of Atsu Hime, especially the parts when Atsu was with her shogun husband! Cried my heart out when Atsu finally learned of his death. My only rants on the drama – I wish we could get to see more of the shogun! For those not watched it yet, this is highly recommended especially if you are a fan of Japanese periodic drama. More info can be found at: wiki(dot)d-addicts(dot)com/Atsu-hime

      Posted by xkazemg | September 19, 2011, 12:16 pm
  5. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Anyone home? Iam here again!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just read sum of chap 163 and 164 and I cant believe what Okita did. U re so right when saying that ” not-idiotic way”. No one can do it like that but him

    Ahhahaaa, it makes me feel they have a circle kiss!

    Btw, back to Saitou, I dont want he leave Shinsengumi and join Goryou Eji, haizzzz

    Posted by Wild Card | October 22, 2011, 4:11 pm
    • HI there. So good to see you again. Welcome “home”. ^^

      If I remember correctly, Okita and Sei’s relationship has leaped forward even further in ch. 165. as he was (about to) kiss her…. :)))))))

      But aiyah, Saitou san! I don’t want him to leave too – he’s provided us so much of comedy relief….. I guess in a way, his departure marks a more serious tone in the latest development of KH? I still love him anyhow ^^

      PS/ By the way, mind telling where you read chap 163 and 164? are the summaries in English? Perhaps we can share links here, instead of waiting for my lazy bum to act and get on writing the summaries myself here ^^:

      Posted by xkazemg | October 24, 2011, 10:01 pm
      • Thanks thanks thanks!
        How have u been? Busy with real life?

        I have not read sum of chap 165 so dont know that news, cant wait to see Okita and Sei. So what is about Saitou? Did Senpai meantion about Saitou in chap 165? All samurai are idiot but that is how I love them, Okita, Sei and Saitou 😦

        I read the sum by my mother language – Vietnamese. Someone took those sum form makoto-jp(dot)blogbus(dot)com and translated them for us πŸ˜€

        Posted by Wild Card | October 25, 2011, 3:54 am
      • Life’s good at this end, thanks ^^ Except I have been on bed for most of the times in the last 2 weeks so. Been affected badly with a “super-flu” (hence no/ little activity on my blog in the last 2 weeks…. ^^:)

        There are some sum/ updates on KH ch 165 in Japanese (e.g. check out the link of my “references” in the blogroll-menu….). Google translate may be able to give you just some vague idea, should you require some Japanese-English translation : )

        I actually noticed a lot of asian KH fans from Vietnam! It’s so great to see! : )

        Would you like to re-translate into English for ch. 163-164? I will do it some other times otherwise :)))

        Posted by xkazemg | October 26, 2011, 6:57 pm
  6. Hello!

    First of all, thank you so much for your efforts in translating KH for us English speakers! The translation’s really nice, and very easy to understand. Keep it up!

    Judging from the look of things right now, it really looks like Watanabe-sensei’s picking up the pace in the story, and it’s really looking good! I agree with you guys about KH coming closer to its conclusion – and I’m guessing that’s the reason why sensei’s spicing up things between Soji and Sei (just before the former meets the inevitable :[ ). It’s a good thing too that Saitou finally made the move rather than staying by the sidelines all the time, at least what he did will shake things up big time between the two. πŸ˜€

    Lastly, I hope you don’t mind, but I shared this page’s link to our Kaze Hikaru group in Facebook (for the sake of those who can’t understand Vietnamese or Japanese -heh-).

    Take care!


    Posted by Dee | October 27, 2011, 12:32 pm
    • Aha! that explains! Been receiving referrals from facebook into this blog… and for a long time I have been wondering how it’d happen ^^
      Anyway, thanks for “advertising” and share link there… :))

      Posted by xkazemg | October 27, 2011, 11:55 pm

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