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KH cover stories – Flowers….

To continue with my KH covers saga, this time the covers of Flowers (i.e. the magazine which KH is serialised monthly) where KH was specially featured.

Again, if you have spotted any missing issues (when KH was featured as the cover), please let me know. Many thanks in advance ^^

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ぱふ 2009年 08月号

6月30日発売のぱふ8月号(雑草社)では、今年でデビュー30周年を迎えた渡辺多恵子「風光る」の特集が組まれている 巻頭特集

Special issue of Puff (ぱふ) magazine featuring KH to celebrate Watanabe sensei’s 30th anniversary.


Disclaimer: I didn’t scan these images*, nor would I take any credit and responsibility for them. Please always refer to the original hard copies for further information.

*Please see watermarks re sources of images.


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