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YAMAMOTO Sumika (山本鈴美香)

About YAMAMOTO Sumika

More widely known for her famous known for her manga series “Ace o Nerae!”.

Personally, I prefer her “Nanatsu no Eldorado” (“The seven Eldorados”, Margaret, 1975–1977), so much so that I have opened a separate [Manga Talk] for it (click link below) ^^

The only rants I have on “Nanatsu no Eldorado”, is that fact that the series has been on hiatus for a very long time, and most likely will remain so in the foreseeable future, as the mangaka seems to have disappeared into the religions world to “cultivate spirituality”!


  • “Sono Hitokoto ga ienakute” (“Without saying that very single word”)
  • “Ace o Nerae!” (“Aim for the ace!”, Margaret 1972–1975, 1978–1980)
  • “Kiss ni Goyoujin” (“With a kiss”, Margaret, 1973)
  • Nanatsu no Eldorado” (“The seven Eldorados”, Margaret, 1975–1977)
  • “Hikkuri kaetta omocha bako” (“The toy that tumbled down”, Margaret, 1978)
  • “H2O! Zendai mimon!” (“H2O! Unprecedent!”, Margaret, 1979)
  • “Ai no Ogonritsu” ( Shogakukan Lady Comics, 1 volume, 1983)
  • “Hakuran Seifuu” (“Cool breeze of knowledge”, issues 15, 17 to 22 of Petit Flower 1983 – 1984)
  • “Hayami Daisuke Funsenki” (“The fighter Hayami Daisuke”, issue 16 of Petit Flower, 2 volumes,1983)
  • “Koi Shichaou kana?” (“Love alphabet?”, Margaret, 1 volume)


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