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Message for those who used the contents from here without consent

**This post is staying sticky for a while, until there are some changes at BU.


First of all, let me thank you for visiting this site, and found the information here useful, thus useful enough for you to apply the information in somewhere else including manga info sites, such as BAKA-UPDATES.

I should have written this somewhere:


But do not get me wrong. Narcissist as I might have made myself sound to be, I have nothing against BAKA-UPDATES nor any personal grunge against other blogs/sites/forums out there. As a matter of fact, I really appreciate BU’s efforts in anyway so much so that I have even used their information on this site.  I respect their work by leaving a credit in the descriptions used in here (e.g. From Baka-Updates)*.

Equally, I would have hoped for whoever has used my descriptions obtained from here, that they would do the same for me too.


As you may know, translation and “essay-writing” is never my forte, especially if it involved foreign languages none of which my mother tongue (that is, ENGLISH included!)!

So, it took me A LOT of efforts to find information and then put down into words for the descriptions, as well as my [MANGA TALK] here… Trust me, some post could cost me hours, sometimes even days, to do!

ALL I AM ASKING, is that PLEASE RESPECT my work and efforts here: 

1. If you have already copied and pasted my description onto sites like BAKA-UPDATES, such as thisthis,  this, this, and many others I have lost count of (i.e. practically most of those that I have made up for [Manga Talk] here…..)

-> PLEASE modify and add a small credit note, such as “From xkazemg” at the end of the description.

2. If you have not but intend to add my descriptions onto other sites outside this blog, I would like to be informed where this is going to and who you are, thank you very much.

The main reason being, some of my description may contain inaccurate translation… some extra quality check will be needed and appreciated before appearing in wider public!

3. The very least thing you could do, is to show your courtesy and leave a comment in my Guestbook here at least I can then know for sure, that my efforts are being appreciated somehow, someway.

Finally, please let me re-iterate this: there bound to be mistakes and inaccuracies in my information and translations. Collect and use this information at your discretion.

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation

– and thank you for finished reading this rather long message.

*PS. there may be occasions where I have omitted the credit to BU (or whoever applicable) by mistake… if you have spotted that mistake, please let me know. 


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