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About my retro page…..

Just got a note from friend after he read my retro page here, mentioning about the “categories” of mangaka by years…. His kind words did make me re-think about what I wrote on the page.

By the way, for those who are not at all interested in my blabing can please turn away now.. cos’ below is really “just me talking to myself” if you like…. ^^:

I understand that some would disagree (or disapprove even) the way I categorised those magakas by years (i.e. mangakas of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s so to speak…). Their reasons being, for some of those mangakas started their careers in those early years (say 70’s), their works still carry on to days. In that sense, would I and why if not, categorise those as mangakas of 2010 for instance.


But then, I look at it differently…

1. Obviously, and most importantly, it was done for my ease of organising the pages in the blog!

2. When i said mangaka of the 70’s, what I meant was, this mangaka started her career which blossomed as she and her work became well known in that era….

So by saying that, one should not jump in to conclusion and automatically assume that the mangaka stopped her career in the years afterwards based on that….

Take MAKIMURA Satoru as an example. She made her debute with Shiroi Tsuioku when the short story was serialised in Bessatsu Margaret in 1973. She became more widely known in early 80’s after the success of Ai no Aranfuesu and her other works which followed after….

… hence why I decided to categorise her as mangaka of the 80’s instead of 70’s.

BUT of course, as we all know, MAKIMURA sensei’s mangaka career is still flourishing beautifully until to days.

Make sense?


or may be I should change the wordings from “mangaka of 70’s” to “mangaka from 70’s” to avoid confusion?

Oh well…. status quo if no comment from others, assuming no one else noticed/ bothered. ^^


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