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Following from my earlier message here

I must be suffering from some sort of “Big-brother” blues, since I have taken the liberty of being bothered to dig out where my manga info has been recycled in BU exactly, “without consent” … and the list was rather astounding (I just don’t know whether I should feel impressed and honoured, or be offended and upset by this?!).

FOLKS! ALL I ASK IS THIS: If you have (and/or intend to) taken the liberty to copy and paste the information from here (and especially for the manga descriptions which I have drafted for this site), PLEASE don’t forget to leave a reference to my site, or at least leave a small credit note at the front/end (e.g. “From xkazemg” will be just as good).

PS. A small description about the manga really don’t say much about the greatness of a long series… and sometimes I do get concerned for people being turned off by the shortfall of my manga description… and that’s why I always try to follow it up with a longer [Manga Talk], hence another reason why I ask you to put a reference on this site whereas possible.

Also some of my description may contain inaccurate translation, and therefore some extra quality check will be appreciated and needed before appearing in wider public!

Please respect my wish – drop me a note in Guestbook if you intend to quote the content onto any other sites outside this blog. I would really prefer to work with you and correct any mistakes, then seeing them being exposed to a wider public beyond my reach.

Thank you.

… and finally, this is for you:


**Update – Thank you to those who have edited in BU at request!, though there is still one missing fish found here….. well, at lease now I spotted the error on my end – It should be KATAyouku and not Takayouku as it was written in my [Manga Talk]. Thanks for copy-pasting my content without pointing me to the error…… -_-

* Update – I am getting addicted in this!! So there’s more found today… ha!!!: Tenjou no NijiAsuka no Oujo … any more for me to fish out tomorrow I wonder?

Ai no Uta ni NaritaiAoi no MaharajaBatsuichi Monogatari, Carib No Onna Kaizoku – not yet, Cleopatra (and my gosh! they use the same description for other manga series of the same title…. horror! The description was supposed to be for Cleopatra by SATONAKA Machiko, not KURODA Kasumi! Shame on whoever did that!! Arghhh!!), Darkness Doll, DivaElisabethEnjieru no Kodou (*also known as Angel no Kodo here. The first paragraph, ironically, was provided by them originally. Their description was later modified copy and pasting info gathered from here …), Go Go GirlsKin no Alexandra, Kaze no Sonata – not yet, Kids TalkKirinkan GraffitiKirinkan Tooru - not yet (wrong cover in BU by the way), Koppamijin No Koi – Not yet,  Lolly no Seishun, MaryBellNanatsu no Erudorado – Not yet, Obake Tango – Not yet, Opera no Kaijin,  Pianishimo de Sasayaite Daini Gakushou (someone there in BU pls fix it! Description copied and pasted for the wrong series! The description was supposed to be for the sequel PdS Daini Gakushou! By the way, wrong cover on PdS anyway…. sigh…) , Ryuu no KesshouSaradinaasa, Shiro no Faruuka – Not yet, Tenshi no Sumu HeyaTsubomi-chan, Wasure Mono nai?Takayoku Doumei, Tsue to TsubasaTachibana Kiku no Amaeta KankeiTim Tim Circus……. I seriously hope the list is not going to go on and on any further!!!!!

…. enough mumbling to myself!


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