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Quiz – round 2

Hohoho. Time for the 2nd round of manga quiz!

=> What are the names of the manga and mangaka of the following:



*hint: they are all retro from the 70’s. They (mangaka) have both been mentioned in my retro  page (see my list of mangaka from the 70’s) ^^


I don’t want to spoil the fun by disclosing the answers/ series descriptions here. So please see this post’s comment for answers.


2 thoughts on “Quiz – round 2

  1. #2 Looks like Yamato Waki’s art, reminds me of that guy from Ai Iro Shinwa 🙂

    Posted by saskiacurse | October 17, 2011, 6:52 pm
    • Hi saskiacurse, welcome here.

      Anyway, ANSWERS:
      #1: Arabesque by YAMAGISHI Ryouko
      #2: Nanatsu no Umi Nanatsu no Sora by AOIKE Yasuko

      #1: Arabesque by YAMAGISHI Ryouko (アラベスク by 山岸凉子)
      Really wonder how many have guessed Swan (スワン) by Kyoko Ariyoshi : )

      Abaraseque chap

      The series started to be serialised in 1971, a few years earlier than Swan (1976).
      Arabesque has always been considered as an epic ballet manga series set with backdrops of Soviet Union in its height of Communism in the 70’s.

      Part I of Arabesque was serialised in Ribbon magazine, published by Shueisha and Part II in Hana to Yume by Hakusensha.

      In Part I, story began in as the heroine, Nonna Petorowa struggled to excel in the School of Ballet in Kiev (Ukraine of Soviet Union) due to her tall and slender figure. Her height had restricted her in finding a compatible ballet partner… until she encountered Mironoff, whom she later found out was the famous Soviet’s raising star of ballet! All along, Nonna received little attention from her mother. She was feeling somewhat bitter and jealous of her elder sister who had advanced ballet techniques and received all the love and attention from her mother instead. Ironically, it was Mironoff who discovered her potential as ballerina with her tall and slender figure….. he invited her to join him in the prestige ballet school, Leningrad State Choreographic Institute (now known as Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet)…. Part I focused on the development and growth of Nonna’s character as she struggled in the new ballet academy, then had to learn to fight and compete against others over their jealousies as she was trained intensively by Mironoff … until eventually, Nonna was selected to dance in Arabesque for the famous Kirov Theatre (now known as The Mariinsky Theatre). Arabesque was later adapted in movie which made Nonna became a world-wide recognised ballerina. Part II began as Nonna continued to train and practiced hard in ballet as she fought to maintain her place in the ballet school, and later Kirov Theatre….

      The delicate romance between Nonna and Mironoff was subtly weaved into the story, in between blood, sweat, tears along side many struggles and many challenges for our heroine!

      #2: Nanatsu no Umi Nanatsu no Sora by AOIKE Yasuko (七つの海七つの空 by 青池保子)

      cover 7 seas
      Description (From Baka Updates): Tyrian’s stepfather, a notorious womanizer, decides to remarry, and his victim is a sickeningly sweet and innocent girl named Juliet. But the girl is kidnapped off of Tyrian’s ship, first by pirates and then by more pirates in the form of our dashing Luminous Red Benedict. The neatly woven threads of conspiracy which have been supporting Tyrian’s life begin to unravel, and he flees to Spain at last. Captain Red redoubles his pursuit. Conflict between Tyrian Persimmon (ancestor of one Major Klaus Heinz von dem Eberbach) and Luminous Red Benedict (AKA, pirate ancestor of one Dorian Red Gloria).

      small view 7 seas Click here for zoom-in

      It was a scene when Benedict reflected on how he became a pirate. By then, Juliet had already adapted herself to become part a part of the pirate crews, and later developed a romantic feeling for Benedict…..

      PS. Tyrian was truly “evil” in a ruthless way, cold and calculating… but a very interesting character to read. No wonder Aoike sensei would create a sequel, Eru Arukon – Taka (エル・アルコン – 鷹 -), based fully on Tyrian as the main character! (yummy~~~!! ^^)

      Truly a man you’d love to hate, however can’t help but to fall in love with!

      Posted by xkazemg | October 24, 2011, 11:30 pm

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