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How to dress up like the vintage shoujo (manga) heroine….

My! I was just casually doing a search on google.. and guess what I found:

Here’s an excerpt tips from Neko in her blog:

Retro Shoujo Style

1. Using airy material for spring trend~!
Materials like chiffon or lace are IN! For spring, fluffy blouse is recommended for a retro look!

2. Add in brown colour(the translation should be tea colour but it sounds weird…) items to create a vintage feel!
It’s the most important point of Retro Shoujo Style! When you add in brown items, you can boost up the vintage feel. Shoes, bags and hats are most recommended!

3. If you want to be retro then patterned items are a must buy
Flower prints, polka dot prints, gingham checks and other spring patterns are the line up of this season. To get a retro girly look, start with these items!

More tips and mega sweet-look photos in Neko’s blog – http://myau-club.blogspot.com/2011/04/retro-and-vintage-style.html

I wish I have read this like many many many years ago, when I was still a sweet 16 once upon a time….. In the meanwhile, in order to feed my nostalgic thirst for a vintage shoujo look, without turning myself looking like an insane old fart, may be I’d just stick to this:

Retro Vintage Japanese Margaret Kawaii Shoujo Girl Manga Anime Stickers StationerySource: All rights reserved to HarapekoDoggyBag


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