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So excited…

No words can describe my excitement now:

Moto Hagio’s The Heart of Thomas coming in Summer/Fall 2012



PS. A whooping price of  $35.00 for a hardback, certainly looking very pricy… but but but it’d be well worth it ^^


10 thoughts on “So excited…

  1. Did you finally get it? The French edition doesn’t look so great and there is no introduction or anything as Matt Thorn did on A Drunken Dream.

    Posted by a-yin | January 10, 2013, 5:00 pm
    • Bonjour a-yin, good to see you here : )

      No I didn’t get it in the end; I have since relocated to somewhere which is “in the middle of nowhere” by any international shipping standard, i.e. shipping costs is almost the cost of the book itself. I can’t bring myself to justify buying it, especially when I have already collected both the chinese and Japanese editions. : )

      I did come across an interesting review by Noah Berlatsky though. Not sure if you have already read that article; it was interesting to me in the sense that the manga piece was reviewed in a BL context very specifically….. hmmm. Anyway, it makes a good temporary fix for me, for now. : )

      Oooo~ I didn’t know there is a french edition too! Très Bien! I would love to understand its translation and see how it compares with the original XD When was this published?

      But yeah, an introduction or such would definitely make the read more interesting – I learned that when I was reading other Japanese bunko books which normally come with editors’ introductions or commentaries. Good to read it from different perspectives I guess : )

      Posted by xkazemg | January 11, 2013, 12:01 am
  2. Where do you live? I will check Noah Berlatsky’s article, thanks ;). We have a magazine called 10 000 Images from Editions H in French and one of it was about boys love and yaoi manga. If you can read French, it’s really recommended ;).

    One of my translator friend is very angry about the French translation of The Heart of Thomas.

    Did you buy A Drunken Dream? I discovered Moto Hagio’s work by this book and now I’m very excited about Marginal or Barbara Ikai. I really want to read them. I know there are Chinese translation for them, but I hope for an English or French translation. I cross the fingers since The Heart Of Thomas has been translated into French.

    I wanted to buy The Heart Of Thomas by Fantagraphics. But I also wanted to support Moto Hagio in French, still hoping for more translations ;). I read A, A’ which is amazing, They were eleven is one of my favorite. I love her science fiction works…

    The French edition by Kaze Manga was published in december 2012. It’s sad to publish a book about the “mother of modern shôjo”, or “the feminine Tezuka” as men say, and not introducing her decently. I was very angry about it. Because she’s not a famous mangaka for average manga readers, and she need to be introduced for people know why THIS work has been translated. That sucks.

    Posted by a-yin | January 11, 2013, 9:54 am
    • Hey hi, so sorry for late reply (been sick for most of last week.) Anyway….

      You know what, I wish my french is any better so that I can see why the french translation of The Heart of Thomas was that bad as your friend has put it :)))
      But man, after your comments, I re-read the book again and finally made myself fallen into the temptation of buying its Eng version! So Matt Thorn, if you are reading this by any chance, just want to let you know that I am spending the big bucks just for you man! lol~

      There is in fact a number of Moto Hagios’s series that I have not read, or most likely read a long time ago but without fully understanding the stories…. but you have just inspired me to re-read Barbara Ikai again! : )

      I have to admit, I am never really good at reading SF. It’s particular harder with Hagio Moto’s series since it requires me some time and effort to study her work – It’s like I know there must be some messages “hidden” behind the stories and it frustrates me that I couldn’t decode it…. Marginal and Hyakuoku no Hiru to Senoku no Yoru are the examples of this, which I am still trying to figure out what it was that Moto Hagio tried to express in the stories… *If anyone can enlighten me on that, please feel free to comment here! : )

      Nonetheless, my favourites (of Hagio Moto’s) are always Juichinin Iru! (They Were Eleven) (and its sequel), Poe no Ichizoku, Zankoku na Kami ga Shihaisuru and the goes-without-saying, The Heart of Thomas… I guess I am just a sucker for that sort of psychological pieces 🙂 There was another which was her earlier work about fairies being condemned by human as evils thus being hunted every year. Shame I cannot remember its title on top of my head now, but I remember really liking it : )

      By the way, I gather that the Moto Hagio created The Heart of Thomas after being inspired by a French movie, Les Amities Particulieres – have you heard of/ watched the movie? What do you think of it?

      Posted by xkazemg | January 18, 2013, 3:07 am
    • ….Because she’s not a famous mangaka for average manga readers, and she need to be introduced for people know why THIS work has been translated. That sucks.

      Can’t agree more : )

      Alas, just wish her work, despite being translated, is not being marketed as any typical BL these days….

      Posted by xkazemg | January 18, 2013, 3:35 am
  3. I saw Les amitiés particulières and I recommend it to you :). It’s old but very deep and the atmosphere because of the black and white… Wouh! I loved it. It was adapted from a novel. You can DL with English subs.

    I ordered Mesh on Taobao (I’m crossing the fingers that they’ll arrive in a good state). And I’m trying to order Silver Triangle but it’s always “out of stock”. I’m very sad since I want to read it so much. The panels are beautiful. My Chinese is not very good, but it’s still better than Japanese, which I don’t understand a bit.

    Do you know Hyakuoku no Hiru to Senoku no Yoru is adapted from a novel of Ryu Mitsuse? It’s been translated into English the title is Ten Billion Days and One Hundred Billion Nights.

    I only read The Heart Of Thomas, A, A’, They were eleven (one of my favourite too ^^) and A Drunken Dream. A Drunken Dream’s edition is really beautiful. I loved Iguana Girl and Hanshin inside. And A Drunken Dream, of course.

    On the contrary, I am not really much into drama things and love stories but I love SF shôjo ^^ . That’s how I got interested in Moto Hagio! I often love female mangaka, shôjo or not ;).

    Hope you’re getting much more better now ^^ .

    Posted by a-yin | January 18, 2013, 11:08 am
    • Merci a-yin 🙂

      I watched Les amitiés particulières a long time ago, with an amibition to pratice my French (there wasn’t any translated subtitles)… well, proved that I was over ambitious in the end 🙂
      I watched it again last night though (with some understanding in it after reading the book, in English : )))… and you are right – the b&w really enhances the “feel” of the story… I still couldn’t quite figure out George’s narative in the end; did it mean that he was “happy” in the sense that now he could keep (the soul of) Alexandre all to himself? … hmm..

      I have no experience with Taobao before, I was lost half way through reading its payment instruction (apparently will have to use an agent service or sth like that….) How have you found it? By the way, have you tried looking at the taiwanese/ HK auction sites (aka yahoo/ebay/ rakuten)?

      Uuu~ didn’t know Hyakuoku no Hiru to Senoku no Yoru was adapted from a novel; may try to read it on kindle at some point, thx : )

      By the way, there is a sequel to They were Eleven – Shiiro no Yuukyuu Kuro no Eien. Lane and Frol are very sweet together in this story; must read if you have not already done so ; )

      Also there are prequel/ spin-off of Heart of Thomas too –
      Houmonsha and Juuichigatsu no Gimnasium. Not quite sure about the latter but I do love Houmonsha a lot (think it was created after Heart of Thomas whilst the latter in prior… )

      O i love Iguana girl too! I remember reading it and then asked my mum if she thought of me as a reptile and my sister a princess instead… U know, the sibling rivalry thing, as a part of growing up : )))

      By the way, have you read any of Shio Sato’s? Her works were very SF too. The only ones of hers which I have read are those from the Four Shojo Series, edited by Matt Thorn….

      Come to think of it, the other SF that I have read were mostly by Shimizu Reiko…. but that was a long time ago. Looking back now, the structure of her stories and panelling would probably be incomparable to Moto Hagio’s or Shin Hato’s, or any other Year 24’ers…. damn! wish I could find a way to reapproach year 24’s SF and appreciate them a lot more for what they deserve! : (

      Posted by xkazemg | January 21, 2013, 12:35 am
  4. I will watch the end of the movie again. I also have an English subtitle file in text, if you’re interested… 😉

    I’m trying a Taobao agent. I will feedback you about it. The shipping will be very expensive for Europe T-T. I used to ask some cousine from HK in the past, but I can’t bother them no more since I want to buy so many manga (Karin 17 volumes, Atagoul 9 volumes, Mesh 4 volumes etc…). My HK cousine bought one manga on Yahoo Auction. And I’ve never tried Rakuten, it requires some Taiwan ID #.

    I know about the sequel of They were eleven but I didn’t buy it. I’m still trying to get Silver Triangle LoL. But I will check your recommendations ;). You really read lot of shôjo, you’re a connoisseur!!!

    About Iguana Girl: LOL!!!!

    I’ve read Shio Sato’s Changeling weeks ago online. I don’t rely much on scanlation since I don’t like reading on the screen. But I had no choice for Four Shôjo Stories which is quite expensive now. I wanted to try this story a long time ago and did it. It’s so… mature. I loved it and I’m trying to buy The Changeling one-shot in Chinese. I also wanted to buy Seirei Ou but it was “out of stock”. Shio Sato’s work seems very mature and deep. And the drawing is beautiful.

    I also read Reiko Shimizu. Himitsu The Top Secret and Kaguya Hime are translated in French in a very slow rate. I didn’t want to wait 15 years so by the time, I got the half of Kaguya Hime in Chinese and I really loved it. One of my favourite SF/thriller/mystery shôjo manga. I also like The Top Secret. Both of them seems not to sell well in France. Did you read Moon Child in English? I borrowed it from a friend last year but I wasn’t really into it 😦 . When I discovered Moto Hagio’s work, I realized how much Reiko Shimizu has been influenced by her SF work.

    I loved Yumi Tamura’s Basara 😉 very girl power! And I’m following 7 SEEDS in Chinese (French edition was stopped in vol 10 since it didn’t sell well … so sad -__- ).

    Sorry for the delay.

    Posted by a-yin | January 27, 2013, 10:00 pm
    • Oh oui! Yes please!!!! Would love to read the eng. translation if possible. Do you have my email? Merci a-yin! : )))

      I am trying a few other chinese websites where they claim having an “international shipping” policy…. will feedback here too if they are any good.

      I can completely relate to your “pain” re expensive shipping costs! I have relatives in HK too, but I am very reluctant to ask them sorting out my manga orders for me too (just imagine their faces when they find out I have a pile of smutty manga in the order! lol!)

      Ooooo.. if you can manage to get Shio Sato’s “Changeling”, the one shot.. get it! I deeply regret not to when I had the chance (*sigh*). Anyway, the rest of the stories in the anthology are just as simple and elegant as “Changeling”, of which, by the way, the sequel is also included in the series….so, voila! : )

      I can definitely feel your determination of getting the “Silver Triangle”! lol…. Good luck on the hunt!

      Re “Moon Child”… let me think, is that the series about mermaids (or mermen?) being the origins of the Moon, or sth like that? I vaguely remember reading it a long time ago, but I really don’t recall the storyline… ><
      Out of all those (by Shimizu Reiko) that I have read, the ones which I could still remember (i.e. the stories must be really remarkable for me to remember until these days ^^) are "Kaguya Hime" and the "Jack & Elena" series. Glad to hear you managed to get the other 1/2 of the series in chinese – what do you think of the french translations compared to chinese? (they actually used different translators for various volumes of the chinese editions, but thankfully the translations seem to be consistent and of quality 🙂

      I guess like many other manga artists of the same generation, Shimizu Reiko would be one of those who got inspired by Hagio Moto too….. Albeit both are sophisticated artists of SF, I think there are differences between their works, story and narrative wise I mean. For instance, I see more focus on depicting the psychologies of individuals in Hagio Moto's works, whereas in Shimizu Reiko's, it is as if she was trying (and trying too hard sometimes I felt) to express some abstract "philosophies" about human race and human natures in general… Well, I might be wrong; guess I will just have to re-read her work again at some point! : )

      I love Yumi Tamura’s "Basara" too! : ) I started a few volumes of "7 seeds" but don't have the guts to continue with it… I know it is a great story (again, about human natures and that sort of things), but also so raw and fearfully true (if you know what I mean)…. Tell me I am over-reacting, so that I can stop being a weak link and pick this series up again!! XD

      Come to think of it, have you read any of Akisato Wakuni's? Her "Renaissance"(ルネッサンス/ 復活女神) and "Ao no Mesopotamia"(青のメソポタミア/ 藍色伊甸園) are both SF too. Despite of the seriousness of both stories, the artist is also well-known for the eccentric and unusualness of her stories…. Let's just say, her stories are very different from Sato/ Hagio/ Shimizu's… but still, interesting and worth reading : )

      speaking of delay… I am sorry for the delay myself! I really thought I have posted my reply a couple days ago, but instead took me until this morning to realise that I have not, due to a server error! Well, fingers X that the service gets back to normal by now! It does feel a bit wired though, to try to recall and type up what I was thinking a few days ago! lol~

      Posted by xkazemg | February 1, 2013, 8:13 am
  5. I don’t have your email but I can send the file on a website and then give you the link :).

    I wanted to buy other works of Shio Sato in Chinese but did’t find them. I wanted to write something about her on my blog. I saw in chinese One Zero, Datenraku, Seirei Ou and Changeling. I ordered Changeling but I’m afraid it will be hard to understand for me in Chinese. But I wanted to have the book, the drawings are so charming… I would like to read Dream Planet so much but it’s not translated… even in Chinese.

    For Moon Child, it’s called Tsuki No Ko and it’s actually about the mermen. It’s set in the 80s in New York, and one of the main character is a ballet dancer (LoL). There was some poetry and lots of weirdness, but I did’t like the characters at all. I really wasn’t into it. I would like to try Jack & Elena Series too. It seems Reiko Shimizu really love these characters.

    I haven’t read Moto Hagio enough but I think the main differences are the ones you mentioned between the two mangaka. Shimizu’s characters are colder than Moto Hagio’s ones. But Kaguya Hime is definitely one of my favorite, and I like its coldness, it’s so mysterious. Her characters are still not very likeable, but they all change in the course of the story. Shimizu’s characters are very “teen” in their behaviour, I sometimes want to yell at them :).

    I will check all your recommendations. The problem is the time… Don’t have much of it, and I’m not only a manga fan but also an american comics (80-90’s vertigo titles), and I read very slowly in Chinese 😦 . And I still want to read some French comics at the library (some French comics are quite expensive, plus I can’t buy everything >_<). And also, I would like to buy The Ravages Of Time by Chan Mou about the Three Kingdoms (which I still haven't read, speaking of the French translation of the novel, of course).

    Continue 7 Seeds :). It's hard at the beginning but you see characters changing and becoming stronger and stronger ^^ . I think you'll enjoy it very much, some drama stories are very beautiful in there :).

    I only asked for my HK cousin to buy my missing Akimi Yoshida manga. I love this mangaka so much… But that was all ^^; . Sometimes, when I know people will come to France, I buy manga on the internet, ship them to HK and ask them to bring them for me. Espescially when it's about 4-5 volumes because it's too expensive to ship them in France for so few volumes.

    Posted by a-yin | February 4, 2013, 11:09 am

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