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Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 everyone!

…. and happy chinese new year too! (which is also coming soon!)

Wish you all good health and wealth, in the fabulous new year of 2012 : )


As some of you may already know, that I have been busy packing and moving homes in the last few months. Things are still going hectic at this end, hence please expect delays in updates/ new posts here……. (sorry!!! >;<;:)


Having said that, I did manage to treat myself with a “new year present”; I finally bought a second hand copy of Doubutsu no Oishasan (動物のお医者さん), a series by SASAKI Noriko (佐々木倫子) in her typical quirky sense of humour….. I guess you’d know what I mean if you have also come across with her other series, such as Heaven (ヘブン), Kazoku no Shouzou (家族の肖像) and Otanko Nurse (おたんこナース).

Description (from Baka-Updates): The humorous adventures of a veterinary student, his friends, and his dog — as they learn how to care for all kinds of animals…

My say: Readers will be disappointed if they are expecting for a shoujo-kind-of-a-romantic plot from the series. Chobi, being the main “heroine”, was an Siberian Husky puppy that has a softie/ gold-of-heart character although bore with a face of a “kijo” as her unwilling owner originally thought…. (NB. For those who doesn’t know what “kijo” means, click here).

The series was adapted into J-Drama of the same title in 2003 – more details here.

More about the manga series here.



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