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[Manga Talk] Chronicle of revolutions in Europe

Europe was in its tubulent times as it undergone a series of revolutions to nationalism since the start of French Revolution in the late 18th centuary until the outbreak of WWI.

Below a chronicle of the European history during the era of revolutions and nationalism (timeline shown in the left), alongside examples of relevant shoujo manga series. Information about them can also be found here.

Titles of manga series (clockwise from top left): Versailles no Bara by IKEDA Riyoko, Tsue no Tsubasa by KIHARA Toshie, Marybell by UEHARA Kimiko, Jotei Ecatherina by IKEDA Riyoko, Porando Hishi Ten no Hate Made by IKEDA Riyoko, Tenshi no Sumu Heya by TSUDA Masami, Bronze no Tenshi by SAITO Chiho, Eikou no Napoleon by IKEDA Riyoko, Tenjo no Ai Chijou no Koi by KATOU Tomoko, T.E. Rorensu (T.E. Lawrence) by KOUSAKA Tomoko, Elisabeth by MORIKAWA Kumi, Orpheus no Mado by IKEDA Riyoko, Bokushin no Gogo by YAMAGISHI Ryouko


Other shoujo manga series also using the setting of French Resolution includes:

Junkin no Douwa by KIHARA Toshie

Edelweiss by KAWASOU Masumi

Ake no Kaze by ONO Hiromu

Ginkyuushin by BELNE

Gerard to Jacques by YOSHINAGA Fumi

Ai towa Yoru ni Kizuku Mono by YOSHINAGA Fumi

Sofia no Uta by MORIKAWA Kumi


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