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Bookshelves collapsing?…..

Last time I came, I thought I would update this blog on a more regular basis….. that was when I thought I’d be staying where I was for much longer than was planned.

Here’s the thing: besides all those upsides of being a tenant, the downside of living in a rented accommodation is the fact that when the landlords decided they want to “kick you out” (n.b. legal implications asides), you just have to be ready to move out at any point ….literally!

Hence my headaches come here-so-often: what on earth am I going to do with all those books, which I’d allow anyone to get rid of over my dead body!…… nah, I’m exaggerating – you’d probably see me trying to sell here once in a while (and that’s when you’d know I’m rearranging my bookshelves over a very limited space, or more likely, planning for a move AGAIN!)

Does it mean I have put a plug on the wallet and restrained myself from buying any more of those “vintage manga”? …. Hell no! Still buying, wallet still burning, space continues running out, though I am also exploring other e-books alternatives.


I have tried with ebookjapan once, at the expense of someone else’s computer (*sheepish). To be honest, I still prefer reading on books rather than a glaring flat screen which tires my eyes within minutes. Nonetheless, considering its convenience and economy (i.e. shipping + agents/ handing fees and etc. for buying online), I would be interested in looking into ebookjapan at some point, once I manage tackling all those techie issues!

If anyone has used ebookjapan before, mind sharing your experiences (good or bad) here?  Thanks in advance : )


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