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[Manga Talk] Alfheim no Kishi by NAKAYAMA Seika

Following my earlier post on fantasy adventure shoujo manga, I have decided to open a new post for this series as it is so epic! 🙂

20121204-233504.jpg Alfheim no Kishi by NAKAYAMA Seika (妖精国の騎士 by 中山星香)

It all started in many years ago, when the queen of Gulan accepted the devil’s deal to help her husband gaining the millitary power of his kingdom…..

After losing his battle to Fire Dragon King, the Grand Prince of the Underworld was trapped in the prison of infinity but saw his chance of escape through his deal with the queen of Gulan – he would reincarnate as her son and the human prince of Gulan. He would also seek the power of the Sword of Light through which he would then be able to regain his fatal power again….

Meanwhile, legend has it that the kingdom of Altodias was blessed under an old magical spell but would be perished by the one who drew the Sword of Light. Years later, the prince and princess of Altodias were the twins both chosen as the heirs of Sword of Moon and Sword of Light. By chance, the little Princess Rosely drew her sword and thereafter, her kingdom was bound to be doomed….. That evening, her father was betrayed by his friend and alliance, the king of Lorimer who joined force with the king of Gulan to attack Altodias. The king was killed in the attack and the queen disappeared, whilst the little Rosely was also separated from her twin brother Rolant during their escape.

Rosely was later rescued by the handsome green-eyed king of the Alf. Growing up as his foster daughter in Alfheim, “the green forest”, Rosely learned magic and martial arts from the Alf. Five years later, the 17 years old Rosely decided to leave Alfheim to avenge for her loved ones and lost country…..

Main characters:

Princess Rosely of Altodias, heir of the Sword of Light
20121205-115850.jpg After spending five years in Alfheim, Rosely stepped foot in the destroy castle of Altodias where she met Arthur, the chosen heir of Sword of Sun. Later in the series, Rosely disguised herself to become Arthur’s servant to gain access into the castle of Lorimer where she attempted killing the king as revenge. However, during their course of adventures together, Rosely began to develope trust and later an intensive relationship with Arthur.

Prince Rolant of Altodias, heir of the Sword of Moon20121205-122540.jpg
After being separated from his twin sister, Rolant was rescured by the White Wizard from whom he learnt the skills of magic and sword fighting. He would join his sister again later in the series as they travelled and built alliances with others, including Princess Shendola whom Rolant just could not resist to tease at anytime! : )

20121205-171114.jpg Prince Arthur, heir of the Sword of Sun
20121205-171510.jpg Raised as an adopted son of the king of Lorimer (Altodias’ neighbouring country), Arthur’s real father was the king of Gulan. He tried to persuade his (biological) father to stop his brutal conquering of other countries, but eventually joined the western alliances in order to resist Gulan’s growing power. Arthur’s first encounter with the twins was when they were little and he later helped them in their escape during the attack on Altodias. He met the 17 years old Rosely again (whom he originally thought was a mysterious fairy) at the destroyed city of Altodias. In spite of discovering Rosely’s true identity, Arthur found himself being deeply in love with her and tried to protect her from her enermies – the King Gulan as well as the dark prince from hell!

20121206-084201.jpg King of Alfheim

The little Rosely was bedazzled when she encountered a mysterious handsome Alf in the forbidden woods. He, who turned out to be the green-eyed king of the Alf, rescued Rosely and became her foster father. As King of Alfheim, he was supposed and expected to refrain himself from the feelings of human emotions, despite being 1/4 human. But towards the end of the series when the Alf king appeared again as the dark prince was about to kill Rosely, the king warned the prince of the “eternity poison” – should he kill Rosely, he would then be suffering from the posion and to bear its pain eternally, just as the king himself already was. (….this either suggests the king’s fondness of Rosely as a fatherly figure or on contrary, a deeper romantic feeling which the king had suppressed all along???)

20121206-102003.jpgGrand prince of the Underworld
20121205-171510.jpgSince discovering Rosely being the heir of Sword of Light, the grand prince sought after the princess and in particular, the sapphire of her sword. In many of their encounters, the grand prince attempted to agitate her for negative thoughts and emotions so that he could rebuild his power using the negativity absorbed in the sapphire. But as Rosely continued to resist his temptations, seductions or even his other means of forces, the grand prince became increasingly obsessed of possessing her despite harming or even killing her….!

My favourite part of the stories comes the “romantic” interactions (of course~) between the prince and our heroine. I found the prince’s character far more interesting and colourful than Arthur-the protogonist (sorry Arthur fans!). In fact, I like the character so much that I even wish he could one day becomes the protogonist himself! (…. that’s if the author is really going to continue with the next installment of the series.)

20121206-100604.jpg 20121206-100637.jpg 20121206-100655.jpg

Other characters:

King of Gulan and his three wives, including the one who summoned the grand prince and became his mortal mother, another Arthur’s mother, and the latest who had an affair with the grand prince!
20121206-102135.jpg + 20121206-102140.jpg 20121206-102145.jpg 20121206-102151.jpg

20121206-102129.jpg Lord of the Underworld – the egoistic lord was determined to exterminate whatever that threatened the harmony of the Underworld, especially when the balance between Light and Darkness was broken since Rosely’s appearance…..
….. and zillions of many other characters in this epic fantasy shoujo manga!

Note: GALLERY of Alfheim no Kishi here 🙂

My say: Ok, here’s the thing: its artwork may appear to be somewhat rudimentary if compared with the likes of Crystal Dragon by AHIBE Yuho and many others in the 70’s. But it could also be something to do with it being a typical 80’s shoujo manga, in which the style of drawings seem to be more casual and lines less defined, etc…. So I guess some people may be turned off by its artwork whilst others like it/ don’t mind about it?

Alfheim no Kishi is a very long series. Altogether 54 volumes in total (not to mention its sequel and other spin-offs), Ouke no Monshou (Daughter of the Nile) remains as its only match in shoujo manga. However, whilst the latter recycles its story plots (and dialogues!) page after page, the gripping story of Alfheim no Kishi evolves rather rapidly in each volume.

Similar to Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings in which the ring itself bears a significance in the story, the Sword of Light (or the sapphire inside the sword) becomes the key in Alfheim no Kishi. Personally, I found both stories very complicating with the flux of different characters, other than the main ones, kept being introduced into the story. But thankfully, with a sound structure of the story, everything does make sense towards the end! 🙂

But most important of all I think, is the fact that this is a COMPLETED series – how many time have I, or yourself, been sucked into an epic series only to find out it is uncompleted, and felt being left cliffhanged in the “end”?

In short, I’d recommend it to anyone who is interested in a “shoujo-manganised” version of The Lord of The Rings.


19 thoughts on “[Manga Talk] Alfheim no Kishi by NAKAYAMA Seika

  1. i started to read the story and liked it but somehow i was unable to digest the art. shonen characters have really different physical features . same thing happened when i started to read GOONG and i have left both of the stories

    Posted by SAM | December 25, 2012, 6:50 am
    • Hi Sam. Welcome here 🙂
      O I know what you meant, as I came to more-or-less the same problem reading it for the first time! I guess, in a way, it does require some kind of shoujo-manga experience (and patience!) in order for its readers to appreciate it 🙂

      By the way, have you read Crystal Dragon (by Ashibe Yuho)? I’d recommend it if you haven’t already read it – it is fast paced and its artwork is stunning (well, stunning in a 70’s manga style sense that is :)… In fact, it was actually recommended to me by a male friend back then :))))))))
      NB. I have also done a “review” on Crystal Dragon if that helps 🙂

      Posted by xkazemg | January 4, 2013, 11:53 pm
  2. I happen to like the art and the story 🙂
    It’s very different from what I usually read
    Do you happen to know how this manga ends? I don’t mind the spoiler
    I first read this years ago but could never find anything after volume 13-14 and hearing that it has 54 volumes makes me want to go straight for the ending summary
    It will take a long, long time for them to be scanlated 😦

    Thanks a lot

    Posted by Anna | March 20, 2013, 12:50 am
    • Hi welcome here… and many apologies for my late reply!

      Yes the scanlation is going to take forever if ever going to happen! It is certainly not an easy series for scanlation… lots of patience required indeed!

      I wouldn’t mind giving you the spoilers and telling you about the endings…. except i have a HUGE problem in translating the names of the characters and countries!

      It’d probably be easier if you can come up with the names of the characters of whom the endings you’d be interested in knowing… so that I can then start from there 🙂

      Posted by xkazemg | August 16, 2013, 4:10 am
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy the volumes in English

    Posted by Sana-san | March 27, 2013, 1:36 am
  4. Hello, I’ve just come to your blog by randomly searching Alfheim no Kishi on Google. I started reading this manga when I was in elementary school but the publisher in my country suddenly stopped releasing it. After more than 10 years, I want to read some old shoujo mangas which have been with my since my childhood. But I don’t know Japanese and the English translation is pretty far from my stopping point, so I’m kinda … lost \o/

    I like the Grand Prince so much ~~~ since the childhood & now I still like him much ~~~ Could you tell me what really happened to him at the end of the series and why his hair turned to dark like this? (when it was stopped publishing here his hair was still light)

    And the kiss scenes you post above… which volumes *in bunko* they were in? I can’t remember if I had seen this before or so …

    Sorry for asking too much, but when it comes to old shoujo mangas I used to dig myself in, I’m always being like this lol

    *And from above I could see Crystal Dragon, kkkkkk I used to read it too but just like AnK, I don’t know what happened till the end T.T*

    Posted by kannie1994 | April 15, 2013, 1:04 pm
    • Hi there

      “asking too much” here is good – it shows your interest in the series and that’s good! XD

      re the kiss scenes, without having the books in front of me, I vaguely remember it’s at the final volume… it happened towards the end of the series when the Grand Prince tried to seduce and lured her into the dark world with him thus extracting the full power of the Sword… i think. ^^:

      re the prince’s silver hair turning dark:
      he was incarniated in human form (as we saw his silver (?) hair in the begining of the series)… it was only after he resumed his power and returned to the underworld, then his hair turned back to a dark colour.

      Speaking of crystal dragon… well yeah, another great series with an ending that remains to be a mystery!!!! sob sob sob 😦

      Posted by xkazemg | August 14, 2013, 12:06 am
      • Sobsssssss thank you so much for the answer xD i’m so curious about the relationship between Rosely and the Grand Prince but the publisher stopped publishing the manga in my country & i cannot understand the japanese raw so i was totally lost T.T & i dont know if the Grand prince & Rosely had further ‘interaction’ in the later *pervert me xD*

        so in the end did he die or somewhat?

        Posted by kannie1994 | December 18, 2013, 4:05 pm
      • lol. Ur welcome – glad to help! :)))
        I am really curious which country are you from? am just damned curious what other languages of the series is published besides Chinese (and non scanlated!). 🙂

        Anyway, the Grand Prince (GP) would never die, don’t you worry.

        As to satisfy your “perverted mind” (hahah~), though GP and Rosely did not pair up in this series, there were hints along the lines to suggest future “interactions” between the two of them. We will just have to wait and leave it to the author to show us how this is going to happen in the next installment (hopefully)… which is supposed to be due to begin 🙂

        Posted by xkazemg | February 9, 2014, 10:50 pm
  5. Helloooooo??? Okay, so I’m about to cry, because I’ve reaaalllllyyyyy put my hopes up. So, do you know where to read ALL of Alfheim no Kishi in English? Because you reeeeeeaallllyyy seem like you do, and also I read bits of your blog. Even though I’ve ruined a bit, and I sorta read a little about what happens in the end, I’m even more excited. Like I love this manga, but I can’t read it anywhere, I also don’t know Japanese. I was thinking about just learning Japanese, and buying the books online, but if you know where to read them or if you have them I would cry with happiness; seriously.

    If you don’t really want to read this then I’ll just give you the point of this…


    Oh yeah one more thing, when I read this I was ecstatic to learn that it wasn’t a super sadly short story. And that it was super long like Glass Mask and Ouke no Monshou. I started realizing it’s awesome longness when I looked up Alfheim no Kishi in images and saw a few spoilers but they seemed sooooo far off.

    Anyway please reply to verrrryyyy soon or I might spoil this was indescribably amazing manga even more than I have for myself. PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOUUUUU. See even my punctuation is beginning to get bad, because I’m so anxious for this. Please don’t forget me, I’m so anxious that I wrote this entire thing on my iPad, which is not a few seconds quick. So yea, pleeeeeaasseeee. And… If you can’t it’s okay. Btw that’s my real gmail, so please don’t hand it out, that is if you actually read this. But please, okay sorry I’m getting redundant.

    – Radha

    Posted by Radha | March 6, 2014, 2:44 am
    • Hi Radha
      I am afraid I will have to disappoint and tell you that I reeeeeeaallllyyy don’t know where you’d be able to read the entire WHOLE series in English. I am not even sure if any US publish house or even the scanlator group would want to take up this beast (good on them if they are going to!) …..
      Let’s just say, Google will be a safer bet for you. 🙂
      PS. for your sake, i have removed your email address from your above msg… i take it you wouldnt want it to be seen in public, rite? 😉

      Posted by xkazemg | March 7, 2014, 8:28 am
      • Thanks, and it’s okay… So, looks like I have to become multilingual now… Yeah, I was freaking out earlier, but now I’ll just learn a new language. Thank youuuuu!!! I know what to do now!!! Btw how did you read it??? Are you multilingual?

        Posted by Radha | March 7, 2014, 3:25 pm
      • Ur welcome. Hope it helps, since I am sure anyone can tell how keen you are on the series : )))))

        I am quite fluent reading chinese characters. I used to hold a copy of the series in Chinese, upto volume thirty-something (I think). I just gave up on it until i bought the final volumes in Japanese bunko version – the print quality is so much better by far : )

        It is a great way to learn the language; it’d help if you first familarise yourself with kana (and especially katakana in this case!)

        Btw, if you are planning to buy the bunkos, do bear in mind that the sizes of these books are smaller and more compact than the standards tankos – I did find the texts in AnK bunko quite small and difficult to read most times.

        Posted by xkazemg | March 9, 2014, 12:54 am
      • Oh, okay thanks for the tipssss :))) You can read Japanese too?

        Posted by Radha | March 10, 2014, 7:08 pm
      • i’d only manage with a few kana now, having been reading them for years! XD
        good luck with your AnK hunting! 🙂

        Posted by xkazemg | March 14, 2014, 10:10 am
  6. Hi I love this manga! It’s actually my personal #2-ish haha
    Since I am kind of Japanese, I read it in Japanese… It’s pretty much the best part of knowing different languages!
    Apparently it isn’t so widely known, so I get really excited when people talk positively about it 🙂

    Posted by Candy | December 9, 2014, 12:20 am
    • Hi there. Thanks for dropping by!

      I really thought this series was epic in Japan back “in those days”; I would have thought the mangaka has a fair amount of fans (especially from her previous works)…
      oh well 🙂

      Posted by xkazemg | February 18, 2015, 6:17 am
  7. Omg finally I could find something about Alfheim no Kishi!!! I read the series 15 years ago, but it was up to volumme 15, and the publisher by some reasons stopped the series :(.

    I wonder if you know any sources which I can read the full series in English? I would live to finish it this time. I have been a hardcore manga fan since 2000, so to me the art is still so beautiful!!!

    Posted by Sherry | February 22, 2017, 8:22 am


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