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Xmas and New Year Wishes~~~~

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone ~

My reflection on 2012:

It’s really scary to think how fast the year’s gone by, despite it being both dull and mentally-challenging for myself!

Would not want to rant in details about my personal life here, but seriously: WHAT A BLUDY UNCOLOURFUL YEAR IT’S BEEEEEEEN!… even my [Manga Talk] this year has been as dull as a brick, at least judging by the views/visitors per se!


Let’s look forward to 2013 and hope for everything is going to turn bright and shinny for everyone!

Finally, but not the least, I want to say thank-you to whoever been transferring my manga descriptions onto Bakaupdates. Would be nice if I know who you are so that I can thank you (or poke you) properly. Btw, I still cringe though whenever I spotted my mistake (grammatic/ typo/ content-wise, etc) there. : )

See you in 2013! : )

Best wishes xxx

My favourite word of 2012: tachiyomi (reading standing up), which has been a normal practice in any bookstore or convinience store in Japan, albeit many stores have implemented measures to prevent visitors overdoing it (tachiyomi) these days….

BUT I love it and also think it is necessary that tachiyomi is available on online bookstores – I’d be happy for various reasons, even just for a tiny little bit of teaser of first few pages of an ebook.

So here’s my feedback for the Amazon Kindle store (as well as zillions of other online manga/bookstores): please give us the (quasi) tachiyomi!


2 thoughts on “Xmas and New Year Wishes~~~~

  1. you too =)

    Posted by Waqas Bhatti | December 24, 2012, 2:04 am

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