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Hello WordPress…. hello world!
Pardon for being so inactive and left this blog unmanaged for the last couple months! Who could have thought of being pinned down for a series of ultra scans and surgeries after just a normal innocent health check…… well, I will try to be more mentally prepared the next time I do a health check! : )

Having said that, I still managed to catch up on a number of mange series, including YOSHINO Sakumi‘s Juliet no Tamago (Juliet’s eggs)….. Let’s just say, old habbits never die!

I have become quite a fan of Yoshino’s works, especially after her Shounen wa Kouya o Mezasu which I have briefly mentioned about earlier. To a certain extent, I see both “Juliet” and “Shounen” reflect a strong influence of the Year 24, or Hagio Moto namely, except for a setting of contemporary Japanese societies in most (if not all) of Yoshino’s narratives.

Whilst gender identity is often the core theme of shoujo manga, especially those in the 80’s (e.g. TAUMUGI Taku’s Hot Road), Yoshino shows us the uniqueness of “Shounen” and “Juliet” through the use of poetic languages in her narratives, as well as the sensitive structuring of her manga panels such that they represent the “otherness” so delicately and fluidly.

It’s a shame that we are not seeing much of Yoshino’s work being discussed more widely online, let alone being translated! The very few essays which I have come acoss about the two series are, one about applying René Girard’s idea of mimetic desire-rivalry in Shounen wa Kouya o Mezasu, and another about representations of twins (“self and the other”) in manga using Juliet no Tamago as an example*.

In short, Yoshino demonstrates a true literary seriousness in her manga narratives, in most (if not all) of which psychoanalysis could apply….. just as we see in many other works of the Year 24 group.

20131009-163111.jpg Juliet no Tamago (ジュリエットの卵), bunko 3 volumes by YOSHINO Sakumi

*1.「少年は荒野をめざす」論,川瀬貴也 (KAWASE Takaya)
2. “Another Half and/or Another Individual: Representation of Twins in Manga”, Mio Bryce (2003)




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