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Grumps of an old fart

Pardon my language there, and I guess this post is also about my bad English….. But I just need to purge it out!

Having re-read some of my old posts again, and the fact that I have been constantly referring to Year 24’s (or the term, “literary quaity”) in my “recent” [Manga Talks], I suddenly began to wonder if I have been giving a wrong impression of implying shoujo manga can be represented as whole by the works of Year 24’s, or that I was dismissing the love and romance, i.e. the “cliches” (or the “cheesiness” as I called it) of the mainstream shoujo manga…… Well if that’s the case, my apologies for the badly written english, since it was certainly not my intention to do so.

It is my personal preference indeed, that I do not normally choose to follow contemporary shoujo manga that has a strong focus on school romance, most probably because when I did, I could hardly find myself resonate with the sort of “doki doki” (heart pounding) feelings as the girls protagonists do – it’s cute and sweet, but also a reminder to me that, may be I am just “too old” to fall for that…..!

BUT put this in the contexts of 70’s-90’s shoujo manga…. now that would be a different story for me! I still read from time to time Gakuseigai no Love Sound, Magical 1 to 3, Hana Yori Dango, etc. per se, and I still enjoy them just as I do with any romantic novels, from Pride and Prejudice to Riders – something that I am familiar and grew up with.

OK! I am an old fart who is truly attached to things which were reminiscent to those good old days! But at least I have not been telling people off for searching things like “dirty smuts” in my blog! 🙂

But seriously, what I would like and have been trying to express in my blog is this:

PLEASE do not judge shoujo manga merely based on its so-called “cliches” which one may or may not approve of. Shoujo manga is an umbrella term for different genres which can be treated as a medium of consumers’ entertainment, as well as a subject of studies which can be approached in many other different ways, be it the literary point of views, its arts and historical aspects, or in anthropological/ psychoanalytical ways, etc….. the choice is yours!! : )

Just to show my respect and love for the romantic shoujo, I will try to cover a [Manga Talk] on one next time!

… Any suggestion anyone?

PS. On a “minor” note, I will admend the section about the shoujo manga in 90’s in due course – more update on it later.



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