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My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples 2

Here comes my second installment of “my favourite (old-school) shoujo couples”. Presumably, the following characters (and their stories) must have hold a special place in my heart, the fact that they appeared immediately first in my mind in making this post! If these couples still manage to capture my fading memories after all those years … Continue reading

Finally I did it!

Have finally managed to commit myself into updating my favourite post on My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples…., with a cleaner look and more pictures attached….. yeay! Note: Second installment of my “favourite couples series” coming soon! 🙂

It is a serious matter for a seriously funny manga

(This post also contains my review on some of Tomoko Naka’s works, namely Lady Guinevere and the Chartres Koushaku no Tanoshimi series.) I like to hear jokes which make me laugh and brighten up my mood. Then of course, I do hardly take jokes seriously…. that’s until I come across the website of Kyoto Seika … Continue reading

Grumps of an old fart

Pardon my language there, and I guess this post is also about my bad English….. But I just need to purge it out! Having re-read some of my old posts again, and the fact that I have been constantly referring to Year 24’s (or the term, “literary quaity”) in my “recent” [Manga Talks], I suddenly … Continue reading

When a non-manga about shoujo manga is more interesting than a shoujo manga

Shoujo manga is interesting…. OF COURSE! 🙂 But I sometimes find it even more interesting reading others’ commentaries, or studies, on shoujo manga – below a summary and a quick review of those non-manga that I found “even more interesting”. This post can also be treated as a continuation of this. By the way, I … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Yume no Ishibumi (夢の碑) by KIHARA Toshie

Viola! First [Manga Talk] in 2014, the year of horse! Lately a manga blogger friend asked me briefly about Yume no Ishibumi (夢の碑) by KIHARA Toshie here …..which happens to be one of my FAVOURITE must-read manga series! Whilst I have previously touched base on KIHARA’s Hana no Na no Himegimi (花の名の姫君), a manga adaptation … Continue reading

Blahs of horse at the start 2014….

Happy new year of horse everyone! …. wish everyone “馬到功成” (pronounced as “ma dao gong cheng”), which is an old chinese proverb meaning “achieving great success immediately (at the arrival of horses)”! So what’s happening to [Manga Talk]? Due to health related reasons, I have to confine myself from going 24/7 on [Manga Talk]… (yeah, … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] OOYA Chiki (大矢ちき)

When it comes to vintage and nostalgic shoujo manga (aka the very 70’s stuff!), I feel my reading list, however long it might be, could barely be completed without touching base on the works of OOYA Chiki. I am writing this post, also in courtesy of Passing-fancy who has kindly sent me a free copy … Continue reading

Aside posts – bookclub and sell & trade discuss.

Will you support a manga sell & trade and/or a bookclub here? Discuss here.

Inactive me

Hello WordPress…. hello world! Pardon for being so inactive and left this blog unmanaged for the last couple months! Who could have thought of being pinned down for a series of ultra scans and surgeries after just a normal innocent health check…… well, I will try to be more mentally prepared the next time I … Continue reading

Where to buy/read vintage manga

Just a few suggestions and let people know where I normally go to buy/borrow my manga books. Probably nothing people don’t already know. But if you can come up with any other suggestions, please please please let us know, I’d be really keen on knowing! 🙂 Note: a disclaimer here in case anyone wonders – … Continue reading

will you support a manga sell & trade and/or a bookclub here?

Happy new year all! 🙂 As per usual, I am doing some sort of “refreshing” on the site by experimenting with some “minor” changes – if you have not already noticed, i have removed the links to my KH, Gallery pages from the menu…..  I just thought a new HOME page will make the browsing … Continue reading

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