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Call for ideas on Future projects!!

New direction for this site? The aim for my [Manga Talk] really is to spark interest and to promote those underrated “old-school” shoujo manga. It comes to the point where I would really like to expand the site with more features…… and I am desperately asking for HELP to achieve this: Join projects: Though I … Continue reading

“Literary analysis” of Shoujo Manga? (1)

Trust me. The fact that I have “disappeared” from here for number of weeks (or months!) is not because I have forgotten to return for updates, but because I have been doing some “studying” and researching for the next post here, which is basically a “continuation” of my previous post re “literary quality” of shoujo … Continue reading

Fruits for thoughts, again… You say genred, I say generalised

More fruits for thoughts for the day….. It must have been the grey and miserable British weather!

Fruits for thoughts….

One may have picked up a few (if not TONNES) of grammatical/ spelling errors in my English. Well, I am not begging here for excuses or forgiveness, when I tell you that English is not my mother tongue indeed…. But I do hope those “school-boy” errors alone would not deter you from exploring this site further, especially if … Continue reading

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