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[Manga Talk] Yume no Ishibumi (夢の碑) by KIHARA Toshie

Viola! First [Manga Talk] in 2014, the year of horse! Lately a manga blogger friend asked me briefly about Yume no Ishibumi (夢の碑) by KIHARA Toshie here …..which happens to be one of my FAVOURITE must-read manga series! Whilst I have previously touched base on KIHARA’s Hana no Na no Himegimi (花の名の姫君), a manga adaptation … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Alfheim no Kishi by NAKAYAMA Seika

Following my earlier post on fantasy adventure shoujo manga, I have decided to open a new post for this series as it is so epic! 🙂

[Manga Talk] Crystal Dragon by ASHIBE Yuho

Finally! After almost 30 years since it was released, I have finally managed to grab hold of a copy of Crystal Dragon by ASHIBE Yuho (クリスタル・ドラゴン by あしべゆうほ). And guess what? … The series is still NOT COMPLETED! Crystal Dragon has been ongoing since its first release in 1981 on a more or less stop-go … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] on Ten made Agare! by KIHARA Toshie’s (木原敏江)

Originally posted on xkazemg's blahs on Kaze Hikaru:
For those who are in pain of waiting for new developments in Kaze Hikaru… well, I hope this will somehow alleviate the pain even by a little: Completed in three volumes (or two for bunkoban), Ten made Agare! by KIHARA Toshie’s (木原敏江) is one of the earlier shoujo manga with the…

[Manga Talk] T. E. Rorensu by KOUSAKA Tomoko (神坂智子)

I am reading T. E. Rorensu (or T.E. Lawrence, TEロレンス) by KOUSAKA Tomoko (神坂智子) for the tenth time in less than a year, albeit it not being a series that I enjoy reading as much as I do with Aoi no Maharaja by the same artist….

[Manga Talk] Niji no Densetsu by HARA Chieko

My very over-due [Manga Talk], this time on Niji no Densetsu (虹の伝説) or Legend of Rainbow by HARA Chieko, a true classic shoujo with a “historical” western settings and a lovely artwork which resemble fairly to Igarashi’s Candy Candy (except for the heroine’s long silky hair of course!)….

[Manga Talk] The Allegory of Nijinsky by ARIYOSHI Kyoko

THE ALLEGORY OF NIJINSKY (or Nijinsky Guuwa) (ニジンスキー寓話/ 芭蕾一世情) by ARIYOSHI Kyoko (有吉京子) Complete: 6 volumes

[Manga Talk] Ryu no Kessho by MONDEN Akiko

 Ryū no Kesshō  (竜の結晶/ 龍之結晶) by MONDEN Akiko (もんでんあきこ/ 門田晶子) Complete: 10 volumes

[Manga Talk] Angel no Kodo by MONDEN Akiko

 ANGEL NO KODO  (エンジェルの鼓動/ 天使的鼓動) by MONDEN Akiko (もんでんあきこ 門田晶子) Complete: One shot

[Manga Talk] Go Go Girls by NAKAYAMA Noriko (中山乃梨子)

Nearly a year ago, I started a [Manga Talk] on “Tsubomi-chan, Wasure Mono nai?” by NAKAYAMA Noriko. Since then, I have become quite a fan of her. Lucky for me, lately I finally got the chance to read her Go Go Girls and its sequel, Tachibana Kiku no Amaeta Kankei…. How do I like the … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Tsue to Tsubasa by KIHARA Toshie (木原敏江)

Tsue to Tsubasa 杖と翼 (杖與翼) by KIHARA Toshie (木原敏江) Complete: 6 volumes The story began at the eve of the French Revolution, when Léon, the “wild and transgressive” young man moved to the countryside to stay with a family friend with his mother. There he met the little energetic Adele and her mother, a very … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Katayoku Doumei by Kusaka Riki (くさか里樹)

Haven’t done a proper [Manga Talk] on a series for quite a while; this time: Katayoku Doumei 片翼同盟 by KUSAKA Riki (草花里樹/ くさか里樹) Complete: 7 volumes Description: Sawako, a 22 years old female pilot working for a local air freight service provider, WING. One year ago, she married her then-trainer, Tametomo, who was 37 years … Continue reading

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