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[Manga Talk] Alfheim no Kishi by NAKAYAMA Seika

Following my earlier post on fantasy adventure shoujo manga, I have decided to open a new post for this series as it is so epic! 🙂 Advertisements

[Manga Talk] Crystal Dragon by ASHIBE Yuho

Finally! After almost 30 years since it was released, I have finally managed to grab hold of a copy of Crystal Dragon by ASHIBE Yuho (クリスタル・ドラゴン by あしべゆうほ). And guess what? … The series is still NOT COMPLETED! Crystal Dragon has been ongoing since its first release in 1981 on a more or less stop-go … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Angel no Kodo by MONDEN Akiko

 ANGEL NO KODO  (エンジェルの鼓動/ 天使的鼓動) by MONDEN Akiko (もんでんあきこ 門田晶子) Complete: One shot

[Manga Talk] Ai no Uta ni Naritai by MAHARA Itsumi (麻原いつみ)

AI no UTA ni NARITAI (To Be a Love Song) 愛の歌になりたい by MAHARA Itsumi (麻原いつみ) Complete: 6 volumes Description: 16-year-old Hako has loved music for as long as she can remember. Now, she’s a songwriter and keyboardist, and she’s planning on becoming a professional musician with her best friend at her all-girls high school. One … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Batsuichi Monogatari by KOYAMA Yukai

Batsuichi Monogatari 交叉愛物語/ ×一物語 by KOYAMA Yukai (小山由雅利) Complete: 9 volumes Description:”Marriage is not the ultimate goal of life!” For the three of them,  “being divorced” was just the beginning of their stories… NB. This is not exactly an old-school shojo by my definition.  It was something that I have blahhed on in some other places … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Aoi no Maharaja, by KOUSAKA Tomoko

Aoi no Maharaja (Maharaja from the Blue) 印度戀曲/ 蒼のマハラジャ by KOUSAKA Tomoko (神坂智子) Complete: 10 volumes Description Moira came to India with her parents when it was still under British rule. At the Royal Palace in Jodhpur, she met Prince Silva…. (Scans available below for promotion and illustration purposes only. Contains spoilers.) My say: KOUSAKA … Continue reading

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