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[Manga Talk] Go Go Girls by NAKAYAMA Noriko (中山乃梨子)

Nearly a year ago, I started a [Manga Talk] on “Tsubomi-chan, Wasure Mono nai?” by NAKAYAMA Noriko. Since then, I have become quite a fan of her. Lucky for me, lately I finally got the chance to read her Go Go Girls and its sequel, Tachibana Kiku no Amaeta Kankei…. How do I like the … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Highteen Boogie by Makino Kazuko

Highteen Boogie ハイティーンブギ (純愛青春搖滾) by Artist: Makino Kazuko 牧野和子/ Writer: Gotou Yukio 後藤ゆきお Complete: 26 volumes Description: Momoko is one of the brightest students at school, but the school is a bit overrun by delinquents from a motorcycle gang. In fact, the person who has the next desk has never come to class. Then one … Continue reading

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