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[Manga Talk] Katayoku Doumei by Kusaka Riki (くさか里樹)

Haven’t done a proper [Manga Talk] on a series for quite a while; this time: Katayoku Doumei 片翼同盟 by KUSAKA Riki (草花里樹/ くさか里樹) Complete: 7 volumes Description: Sawako, a 22 years old female pilot working for a local air freight service provider, WING. One year ago, she married her then-trainer, Tametomo, who was 37 years … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Kirinkan Graffiti by YOSHIMURA Akemi (吉村明美)

KIRINKAN GRAFFITI 麒麟館グラフィティ (麒麟館戀史) by YOSHIMURA Akemi (吉村明美) Complete: 13 volumes Description: ‘Kirinkan’ is the name of an accommodation hall mainly occupied by the university students, and of which Tae was the manager. One night, Tae encountered Kikuko, a young woman who escaped from her abusive husband. Tae let Kikuko stayed at the Kirinkan, but … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Kaze Hikaru, by WATANABE Taeko

KAZE HIKARU (Shining Wind) 光之風/ 風光る by WATANABE Taeko (渡辺多恵子) Ongoing: 28 30 volumes (it was at its vol 28 at the time of writing this review in summer 2010 ^^….) I know I know….. There are already zillions of blogs and forums talking about Kaze Hikaru!  But it is a crime for me not to … Continue reading


KA.RE.SHI (In Love with a Bad Boy) 愛上壞男孩 by OGOSHI Natsue (小越なつえ/小越夏江) Complete: 8 volumes Description: Mei Shirakura is a dim-witted, super-genius high school freshman. Ever since she was saved from becoming a delinquent, she believes that Naoki Daito, an upperclassman at the same school and himself a famous delinquent “Yankee”, is somehow the man … Continue reading

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