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[Manga Talk] Niji no Densetsu by HARA Chieko

My very over-due [Manga Talk], this time on Niji no Densetsu (虹の伝説) or Legend of Rainbow by HARA Chieko, a true classic shoujo with a “historical” western settings and a lovely artwork which resemble fairly to Igarashi’s Candy Candy (except for the heroine’s long silky hair of course!)…. Advertisements

[Manga Talk] The Allegory of Nijinsky by ARIYOSHI Kyoko

THE ALLEGORY OF NIJINSKY (or Nijinsky Guuwa) (ニジンスキー寓話/ 芭蕾一世情) by ARIYOSHI Kyoko (有吉京子) Complete: 6 volumes

[Manga Talk] Nanatsu no Erudorado by YAMAMOTO Sumika (山本鈴美香)

Another “deviation” from my “Not so trashy pirate shoujo” review….. Nanatsu no Erudorado (7つの黄金郷/七海黃金鄉) by YAMAMOTO Sumika (山本鈴美香) 6 volumes (incomplete) Similar to Saradinassa, this series was also set in  16th/17th century, the Golden Age of Europe. Story: After ten years of sailing abroad , Captain Drake and team was retuning home, England. On board, … Continue reading

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