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My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples 2

Here comes my second installment of “my favourite (old-school) shoujo couples”. Presumably, the following characters (and their stories) must have hold a special place in my heart, the fact that they appeared immediately first in my mind in making this post! If these couples still manage to capture my fading memories after all those years … Continue reading

It is a serious matter for a seriously funny manga

(This post also contains my review on some of Tomoko Naka’s works, namely Lady Guinevere and the Chartres Koushaku no Tanoshimi series.) I like to hear jokes which make me laugh and brighten up my mood. Then of course, I do hardly take jokes seriously…. that’s until I come across the website of Kyoto Seika … Continue reading

When a non-manga about shoujo manga is more interesting than a shoujo manga

Shoujo manga is interesting…. OF COURSE! 🙂 But I sometimes find it even more interesting reading others’ commentaries, or studies, on shoujo manga – below a summary and a quick review of those non-manga that I found “even more interesting”. This post can also be treated as a continuation of this. By the way, I … Continue reading

The Adventures of Fairies….

Once upon a time, the wicked witches and wizards from the far far away land have found their way to and lived in those famous children’s fairy tales happily ever after…. until they discovered the words, “shoujo manga”. Alas! The witches and wizards are besotted… and even the fairies have found their new playgrounds in … Continue reading

My Kabuki Romance….

Until I heard about SHIMAKI Ako’s Pin to Kona which won the 57th Shogakukan Manga Awards, I never expect myself to be fallen so deeply in love with Kabuki, a beautiful and “classical Japanese dance-drama” (according to Wikipedia!). I have to give credits to SHIMAKI Ako for making the storyline of Pin to Kona simple … Continue reading

[Mother’s Day Special] Salute to all manga-mums!

Oh dear. This post is being delivered far latter that I have originally planned for… NO, I have not at all forgotten the mother’s day. Apologies to all mothers out there and I still love you mum! Excuses aside, I originally created this post anticipating the would-have-been upcoming Mother’s Day. It is my special cover … Continue reading

Red, Gold, Silver…. and other western romance?

“Just happened” to bump into a couple western-romance-novel-turned-josei-manga. ..thought I summarise a few here, whist I continue to hunt for more western-fiction-adapted-multi-volumes-josei (aka no Harlequin) out there. (NB. I added a smut-tag to this page, wondering how much more interests would be generated on this post ^^)

Classical music in classic shoujos

Been reading a few classical music shoujos; thought i’d summarise them here. (Note: have excluded pop music/ entertainment genre, such as Kaikan Phase and Skip Beat… so, no hard feeling ^^)

Horse riding et la manga….

Further to my earlier post on “Most classic shoujos of all times”…. Sports shoujo (genre) that didn’t include an equestrian/ horse-racing (theme) shoujo????… Seriously!

Where to begin? The most classic shoujos of all times….

Ever wonder which ones are the “best”/ “most classic” shoujos of all times? Ever wonder where to start, as you become interested in reading an “old-school” shoujo all of a sudden? Below were the “best classic shoujos of all times” of various genres, chosen by a selected number of editors (and readers) in Japan – … Continue reading

Not so trashy pirate shoujo (aka “very good pirate shoujo!”)

I always fancy reading a pirate shoujo, especially if it was set in the Golden Age of Europe. The thing is, a pirate shoujo could easily be as cheesy as it sounds. Most often then not, its story probably runs along the line of “Help (or Ohhh!) I am kidnapped by a pirate…”, or the … Continue reading

My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples….

Be it the romance, the sparkles, or perhaps it was the sweetness and those heartwarming moments between these manga couples, or even comedic on the contrary – Their stories were what lured me in to falling in love with the following manga series…. NB. The list keeps on growing… pls do stay tuned for more … Continue reading

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