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Salad days… sometimes feelings are best said without words?

…My salad days, When I was green in judgment: cold in blood… (Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, 1606) Advertisements

Chinese history and literature in shaonu manhua

This is not a new post – It’s copy-and-pasted from here merely for the sake of an easier way to manga my posts (with more updates added). Below some examples of chinese historical settings in shaonu manhua (aka “chinese comics for girls”)

The Manhua Saga

Once upon a time, before I even started this blog, a very dear friend of mine lent me a couple of good old manhua books, on the conditions that I would promise to return with some feedback. Well, this promise has been years overdue now, which I was going to deliver by posting here something on … Continue reading

[Manga Talk] Proclaiming and Loving by I-Huan (Yi Huan)

“隨風輕揚的筱竹,飛繫命運中的邂逅. 如晴陽耀眼的武將甫偉,與芳菲之年的綠扣相遇。接連的危機與陰謀,愛恨與真心的情事,在酒笙書詞交錯的宣和初年如詩般展開了….” Proclaiming and Loving 宣和戀 by I-Huan Complete: 5 volumes It was fate that brought Fu-Wei and LuKou together. In their romantic liaison, also came along conspiracies, dangers, passion, hatred, as well as love. This story began in the early years of the poetic Xuan He era…. I could have just dived in and talk … Continue reading

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