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Finally I did it!

Have finally managed to commit myself into updating my favourite post on My favourite (old-school) shoujo couples…., with a cleaner look and more pictures attached….. yeay! Note: Second installment of my “favourite couples series” coming soon! 🙂 Advertisements

Grumps of an old fart

Pardon my language there, and I guess this post is also about my bad English….. But I just need to purge it out! Having re-read some of my old posts again, and the fact that I have been constantly referring to Year 24’s (or the term, “literary quaity”) in my “recent” [Manga Talks], I suddenly … Continue reading

Blahs of horse at the start 2014….

Happy new year of horse everyone! …. wish everyone “馬到功成” (pronounced as “ma dao gong cheng”), which is an old chinese proverb meaning “achieving great success immediately (at the arrival of horses)”! So what’s happening to [Manga Talk]? Due to health related reasons, I have to confine myself from going 24/7 on [Manga Talk]… (yeah, … Continue reading

Inactive me

Hello WordPress…. hello world! Pardon for being so inactive and left this blog unmanaged for the last couple months! Who could have thought of being pinned down for a series of ultra scans and surgeries after just a normal innocent health check…… well, I will try to be more mentally prepared the next time I … Continue reading

Where to buy/read vintage manga

Just a few suggestions and let people know where I normally go to buy/borrow my manga books. Probably nothing people don’t already know. But if you can come up with any other suggestions, please please please let us know, I’d be really keen on knowing! 🙂 Note: a disclaimer here in case anyone wonders – … Continue reading

Xmas and New Year Wishes~~~~

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone ~ === My reflection on 2012: It’s really scary to think how fast the year’s gone by, despite it being both dull and mentally-challenging for myself! Would not want to rant in details about my personal life here, but seriously: WHAT A BLUDY UNCOLOURFUL YEAR IT’S BEEEEEEEN!… … Continue reading

Bookshelves collapsing?…..

Last time I came, I thought I would update this blog on a more regular basis….. that was when I thought I’d be staying where I was for much longer than was planned. Here’s the thing: besides all those upsides of being a tenant, the downside of living in a rented accommodation is the fact that … Continue reading

New gallery

I know I know. It does not help when I was “blahhing” so much on my [Manga Talk], whilst most of you have not come across or even heard of the manga series/ artists….. so naturally, one would easily be drawn into thinking “it would be nice to dl and read it!”, right? Obviously, I would … Continue reading

Kaze Hikaru page has moved home!

For an ease of “site managment”, I have decided to move KH to a new and better home! Please click the KH link in “Home” page for more information. Hope you will like my new KH page there : ) Thank you and regards

i am a shallow shoujo-manga reader….

Finally committed myself into reading further more Year 24 Group stuff, alongside other titles which I have picked up many years ago from a local run-down book store that sold plenty of “old treasures” (otherwise known as “pirated junks”)…. So here are my thoughts: 1. I have tried my best; I REALLY have. It is … Continue reading


I don’t know how and I don’t know why… But since I have received few enquiries about it, thought I may as well clarify it here once and for all: First of all, I thank you and welcome you for visiting my site here. However, if you happened to bump into this site from an … Continue reading


To mark my milestones of the 100th – the 100th post here and 100 views per day as of yesterday….. Just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has followed xkazemg here&twitter. Most of all, I LOVE your comments – please keep them coming! Any inputs of thoughts/ comments/ feedback/ suggestions if … Continue reading

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